Export filenames from windows explorer to excel

  andy625 09:04 04 Aug 2005

Can anyone tell me how to export a list of file names from windows explorer into an excel spreadsheet?

ie. I have a directory of drawing files in a windows explorer window, and I want to export them into excel to create a drawing registry and put information in cells next to the drawing numbers.



  GroupFC 10:33 04 Aug 2005

You could have a look at some of these click here=

One I have used for a similar task in the past is this click here

You can save the list as a .csv file and then open it in Excel. I found that I had to do some tweaking when I got it into Excel (basically to make it look nice!), but it served the purpose!


  andy625 10:58 04 Aug 2005

I've just checked that program out, and its absolutely ideal. Exactly what I was after!


  GroupFC 11:16 04 Aug 2005

Glad to have been able to help!

  Chris the Ancient 11:35 04 Aug 2005

Useful little program that. Now resident on my machine as an easy way of getting file printouts!



  GroupFC 12:25 04 Aug 2005

I can't claim credit for discovering it - saw it recommended on these pages a long time ago! (and apologies for not being able to remember who to give the credit to!).

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