Export data to new laptop

  hawthorn59 03:48 14 Jul 2009

Hi folks

Well I lied slightly...its not to a new laptop but Ive decided to install a new higher capacity hard drive to my laptop to hold more video, so Im wondering the following...

1 To transfer over my email messages/folders, is it a simple matter of File|Export|Messages to a folder and on the "new" machine importing from that folder? Will all folders remail as the were?

Is it a similar process for account settings, from tools|options| export?

With the old Outlook Express I used to have to find the store folder and copy everything and paste to a folder, then import. Not totally different, but does the file|export| do the same thing? Or should I do it both ways to be sure?!

2 Music from Media Player....is it enough to copy over the my music folder to a thumb drive, and is it a matter of pasting it back in to media players music folder on the new system?



  Taff™ 06:53 14 Jul 2009

Your best bet is to Clone the drive completely. i.e. copy the entire drive to the larger HDD. Most manufacturers if HDD`s have a clone tool available from their website. All you would need is an external HDD to handle the transfer.

  accordion 06:59 14 Jul 2009

You'll need to either clone your existing hard drive, or use the transfer wizard. You could do this through a PC with spare space on it, or using a caddy for the new drive. You will need drive imaging software too. (Such as Acronis)

Have a look at click here

Or click here

Or click here

Make sure you partition the new drive into at least two partitions. Three partitions would be better - one for the main system and programs say 40GB - 60GB, one for ordinary data, one for videos and music.


  Taff™ 12:01 14 Jul 2009

Some good links there but I disagree that you need to buy drive imaging software although Acronis would be the one if you did! If, for example you bought a Seagate or Maxtor HDD you would go to their website and download DiskWizard which works in the same way as Acronis. (In fact I believe it is a cut down version of Acronis) click here If you go to the "learn more" link at the bottom of the page you`ll get a comprehensive PDF of the operation. Other HDD manufacturers offer similar tools.

  accordion 14:04 14 Jul 2009


I did not say anything about buying disk imaging software, just that it was needed. (So there's no need to 'disagree'.)

Your advice on using manufacturer's software complements mine, so between us we have covered all points.


  Taff™ 14:39 14 Jul 2009

Sorry Dave. Didn`t put myself over to well that time - no offence. I was trying (Badly) to get away from the inference that a purchase was necessary. Anyway as you say we are pretty much in accord on the subject anyway.

  accordion 22:29 14 Jul 2009

Thanks Taff.

  Taff™ 22:51 14 Jul 2009

Anyway - what happened to thehill whilst we were settling our (minor) differences? Have we frightened him off? ;o)

  tullie 22:53 14 Jul 2009

Hes gone over

  Stuartli 23:19 14 Jul 2009
  hawthorn59 05:30 15 Jul 2009

Yes you have scared me off...a bit! Sounds beyond me...! The only things I need to keep are email, music, and mydocs. Oh and the installation programmes of anything I had installed. All those can fit on a thumb drive (or two).

I did manage a few years ago to do it with Outlook Express; Windows Mail stores emails a bit differently I believe, and I think its supposed to be easier!

So, Im guessing: File-export messages (to folder on usb) / then import from that folder. Yes...????

And copy the folder containing all the music, and paste the content into the same (similar) folder on new drive??

Could it be that simple....?!!



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