OCRIDION 11:41 20 Aug 2010

Hi, I think something stupid was downloaded, I don't know what, it was supposed to be something else but when the program was ran it didn't do anything. Nothing came up. Which is a scary thought.

Ever since then explorer kept crashing, norton reported it was blocking external attacks from an IP address (

When clicking a link in google it redirects to a random advertising site (different each time clicked).

and Explorer.exe continues to crash.

At this point in time, internet explorer can not connect to the internet at all, other browsers can, and explorer.exe cannot be started in anyway.

Multiple virus scanners have found nothing, except for malware bytes that found adware on the system, but this was cleaned. ever since the scan explorer.exe still doesnt start up, but this time does not show "Explorer.exe has stopped working", but instead just does not load. If an Explorer Window is opened on the other hand it does show that message in that instance.

The infected file that malware bytes removed was commrgwiz.dll.

My maptop has Windows 7 Home Premium, with Norton Ghost, and Norton Internet Security.

  hiwatt 12:24 20 Aug 2010

Open internt explorer and go to internet options.Click on the advanced tab and click restore defaults then go the the programs tab and click reset web settings also check manage add ons and delete/disable any active x controls that look dodgy.See if that helps.

  hiwatt 12:27 20 Aug 2010

You could also try a system restore to before you downloaded the "program" that started the trouble.The do a complete scan in safe mode with an updated malwarebytes and superantispyware click here

  VoG II 12:43 20 Aug 2010

Or use Norton Ghost to recover the drive.

  OCRIDION 01:31 21 Aug 2010

I resolved it by going back 16 days on Ghost. A little more than i want to.

A fix still needs to be found for this virus, many people don't know how to use CMD as laat resort, and some dont have ghost to recover to.

This could be a very damaging to anyone.

Symptons -
* Redirected links in IE and Firefox in Search Engine Results

* Explorer.exe experiences consistent crashes

* Intrusion Attacks from an external IP may occur

Over time -
* Internet completely unavailable to IE and Firefox

* Explorer.exe does not load

This virus was undetectable to 5 Major Anti-virus programs (MalwareBytes detected a bit of it I think, the other 4 are Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Sophos)

  robin_x 01:35 21 Aug 2010

Run malwarebytes (mbam.exe) for a good scan. Takes 1-2 hours.

click here

Come back if you still have probs.

  rdave13 01:38 21 Aug 2010

Avast 5 running a pre-windows load scan (Boot-time scan) would have found the rootkit in my humble opinion.

  OCRIDION 01:57 21 Aug 2010

lol, I got rid of it by Restarting my Router and Restoring back 16 days.

Im just say, people who cant use CMD and Ghost won't have these options so conveniently.

I didnt try a boot time scan. I think I was too lazy and wanted it fixed. I gotta alot of work to do before Halo: Reaches release. :) lol

Thanks for your help guys. And if you have any opinion or experienced some of these symptoms I described, tell me ow you dealt with them.

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