explorer.exe not showing in task manager

  erik bloodaxe 16:47 07 Dec 2006

Friend has problem : no desktop icons,taskbar or start. He can get to programs via task manager, can even get to outlook express, but no internet. Cannot send any files to CD. Tried task manager, processes - no explorer.exe. Can get to settings, but no response on F8 for troubleshooting. Added major problem, has no OS CD,nor any software files backed up. Have advised him to get new (legit not copy) of XP Pro and reinstall. But is there an easier way - perhaps something so simple we're overlooking it? Also, friend has no anti-virus, anti-spyware or additional firewall e.g. ZA ( have left him with all on CD to install once he gets up and running again). Problems started after he visited a particular web site. Virus?

  skidzy 17:56 07 Dec 2006

Eric are you actually saying your friend has a pirate copy of windows ?

If this is the case,im pretty sure not many forum members will be willing to help with this problem.

  erik bloodaxe 19:02 07 Dec 2006

I'm not saying my friend has a pirate copy of xp pro;in fact, as you can see, he hasn't got a copy of anything! He had his system built by an acquaintance, who simply loaded the OS and software. All I'm trying to do is help him out. As you may have gathered, he's a bit green, hence no AV,FW or anti-spy/malware. He's perfectly willing to go out and buy a copy of xp pro, if this is what is required.But is this what is required?

  Terry Brown 19:23 07 Dec 2006

I would strongly advise going back to his 'acquaintance', and get the XP disk, and reload it into the computer, of course if his 'acquaintance' does not have the CD, (or will not let him have it), I would give the whole system back and demand his money back, or it could cost him (her) a lot more if caught using illegal software.

  erik bloodaxe 20:05 07 Dec 2006

Terry Brown,
I'm sure my friend has it in mind to go back to the person who built the computer and ask for his rightful disk. However, all I'm asking for is advice on this specific problem. I have searched MS knowledge base and other sites, but cannot resolve this. By the way, neither I nor my hapless friend are criminals - we just want to get the wretched problem sorted.

  skidzy 20:11 07 Dec 2006

"He's perfectly willing to go out and buy a copy of xp pro, if this is what is required.But is this what is required"

YES ! it is.

If you can access the hdd i would suggest a format and load a new retail copy of windows with licence key.Then load a few apps like AVG/Zonealarm/Spybot/Adaware/AVG Antispy/Ccleaner

Then give him a polite lecture of how to look after the system.

But i have to admit,Terry Brown has hit the nail on the head....Get the money back !!!

  erik bloodaxe 20:43 07 Dec 2006

Thanks, that's all I wanted to know : the machine's beyond repair/restore, answer is to reinstall. Correct? Still don't understand why it's happened, can only assume virus. Yes, I have already given him stern lecture about security, hence provided him with freeware AVG, ZA, AdAware,Spyware Blaster etc.
One last question, if he can't get OS CD from chap who built computer ,he'll obviously need to get a decent retail copy. Is there such a thing as XP Pro SP2 CD, or will he have to get a basic XP Pro OS and then get all the updates from Microsoft website?

  skidzy 21:08 07 Dec 2006

I believe you can slipstream sp2 into xp,not that i have done this.I have sp2 backed up on disc on one system.The other systems have it already slipstreamed into windows.

This may put your mind at rest click here

Still say get the money back and buy a system from a known brand company..Pc world/novatech/Dell etc.

  erik bloodaxe 21:18 07 Dec 2006

Thanks for all the advice. Friend has about as much chance of getting his money back as I have of becoming Pope!

  skidzy 21:20 07 Dec 2006

Amen pope eric.

Good luck,think your going to need it !

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