LABMAN 14:49 15 Mar 2007

H Folks,

my sons pc has developed a strange occurance and I'm looking for some help.

Whenever you attempt to open his my videos folder the windows task manager shows explorer.exe is hogging the cpu and as a result cpu usage never drops below 100% as a result of this system is freezing up and I can't get anything to work and have to hard reboot it.

I've tried virus scans using AVG along with spyware scans using adaware, spybot search and destroy and nothing shows up.

I can't even get to delete anything from the folder as the system just hangs there, the folder conatins WWE ans WWF video clips hes downloaded using Limewire and some other stuff so I do think something is lurking there bit I cant figure out why it's exploerer.exe hogging the system.

I'm at work just now and mayby after 6 before I get a chance to get back on but all and any help is more than welcome......

  Gongoozler 15:11 15 Mar 2007

As long as it's in c:\windows\ explorer.exe is the core program of Windows. If there's an explorer.exe anywhere else it could be a component of a virus.

  provider 2 15:24 15 Mar 2007

As Gongoozler says, location is all...scroll down:click here

  provider 2 15:26 15 Mar 2007

And here:click here

  LABMAN 15:34 15 Mar 2007

Hi Gongoozler and provider 2 the problem only shows up when I open the my videos folder.

No matter what else I opem up everything is no problem at all but I'll do a check when I get home later and look for any other copies of explorer.exe although windows task manager only shows one running.

  donki 15:43 15 Mar 2007

I had same virus at the start of the week, its a bugger lol. U need to run a good antivirus (AVG), good antispyware (Adaware or SpyBot) and a Torjan removal tool (trogan remover), all are free to download by a simple google.

Ul need to disable ur Windows restore feature, boot into safe mode nd run all the programs and then a good cleanner (CCcleaner) and restart in normal mode and reactivate ur system restore. This should sort your problem but can take an hour or 2 as u want to be doing deep system scans.

Anything else just post back.


  donki 15:47 15 Mar 2007

sorry me again the explorer.exe is a Trojan PSW.Generic3.KUY from wot i have looked up it is quite harmful and can cause other infections such as annoying popups.

  provider 2 15:48 15 Mar 2007

Scroll down to video:click here

  LABMAN 17:06 15 Mar 2007

Hi folks just a quick reply for the moment theres only one copy of explorer.exe on the pc located in the windows folder so it looks as if it's the genuine article.

As said before this problem is only affecting the my videos folder and nothing else, in all other ways the pc is running fine and shows no problems

  rick808 17:14 15 Mar 2007

Think this could be an windows system avi prieviewing problem. Can't remember what utility I used to switch it off - will have a quick search......

  rick808 17:17 15 Mar 2007

It's a reg hack not a utility go here and run should sort the problem - click here

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