Explorer wont "open in new Window" in Taskbar

  [email protected] 17:28 08 Jan 2004

i seem to be having problems with my Favorites.If i try to pull up a second favorite,with the 1st minimised to the trayit results in them occupying the same window,then if i close the second-the first url is closed with it.This is not the case wiyh applications,they all open in their own window,why are my favorites mis-behaving,i did try this subject earlier but didnt get much respons(thanx for trying stuartli)so i thought id try to be a bit clearer hope im understood....
id appriciate any help offered

  ©®@$? 17:33 08 Jan 2004

IE>tools>internet options>advanced - it is the setting 'reuse windows for
launching shortcuts, you decide if you want to enable or disable it

  [email protected] 18:01 08 Jan 2004

Nice1 ©®@$?,been crazing me all day, thanx

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