Explorer Problem -Repair -#2

  jack 20:39 10 Dec 2004

In looking at a computer that came to me for repair it appears that Explorer is exeriencing a problewm and wants to shut down and send a report.

WOOD CHIP kndket sent a ling to the repair document .
This I printed off and did the necessary for that system [Win 2000Pro]
Fine all went swimmingly - Well done that WoodChip!
I continued to do other work and left it at that.

This evening I picked up from, yesterday and the problem is back.
The string is still in the Run Window so it is east to run it, the repair runs, rerstarts the machine and the Errors/shut down/ loads back to default Window[Google] over what ever else is going on. close window, carry on for a minute or so and the cycle begins over.
So whats to do next chaps -short of a reinstall.

  woodchip 20:52 10 Dec 2004

Cannot remember the Prob, But try this. Go to Start\Run type MSCONFIG press enter go Startup tab and see if the problem device is one of the box's with a tick, if it is remove the tick. You should be able to remove other all except Services to test the computer and put one tick back at a time until the prob reoccurs. also check for spyware with Ad-Aware and Spybot.

  jack 08:42 11 Dec 2004

Morning Woodchip
Thank you for your help on this one.
This machine looks like it is a lemon; it is about three years old made as an Athlone 1.4 system running Win98SE. It is a local built machine.
Ever since the guy has had it I seems it has never run 'clean for long' before something starts acting up. The owner is not a 'computerist' in any sense,
A bit of WP. Some E-mailing [getting the usual ration of nasties] and lately
Under my tuition Photo Manipulation and Digital photography.
I have cleared the system and reinstalled O/S several times and its current config
is 2000Pro.
He complained that the system keeps 'crashing' and he could not do anything for long before anther 'stall'
What I found is that Explorer kept faulting and wanting to 'send a report'
You kindly sent me a link to the Explorer Repair Documents, which I have down loaded and implemented. The repair program ran and for the rest of that session
I had a faultless time.
However yesterday when I came back the machine the old trouble started again.
As 'Run' has the code line already on place, it is but a moments work to run it.
One should not have to though.
I notice that whenever the fault occurs explorer returns to the default home page.
However the current page [PCA of course] remains in place and active once the home page is minimised.
Your advice to run MSConfig I have by me and when I have done here I will have another go at the beast.
Meanwhile if you jave the inclination keep yer thinking cap on for me.

  hazelnut 11:08 11 Dec 2004

I assume you are running IE6 when you get the report error window before returning to home page.I have had the same problem, but had a return message from the reporting tool. It read as follows,
Version 3.0.8168.0 of file ATL DLL exists but the version needs to be greater than 3.0.88449.0.Please run setup again to re-install all components.
I have overcome my problem by dropping back to IE 5.5, which dosen't have the reporting tool, working fine so I am leaving it alone.

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