Explorer problem

  jack 20:45 08 Dec 2004

One of my flock complains that when the go on line they cannotdown load etc.,
As they were having diggiculty explain what was going[not] on I've has then deliver me the machine.
This is what I've found.

System 2000Pro
I wnt on line recieved and send E-mails OK

Went into explorer typed up Google
Exploers problems window comes and and says got a problem shutting down and sending a report yes/no - said yes
closed window ok
opened windo Start/ Run, but could not type any text into the Field. nor any where else
Windows open/close Ok then but cannot type text
therefore cannot do any commands
I've now shut it down
What to do on startup assuming that when it starts it will accept typing?

  woodchip 21:04 08 Dec 2004

Try this, You need ful Win Disc click here

  jack 08:47 09 Dec 2004

Thank you WC for that- have printed it and will have by me when I once again set upon the patient .
Meanwhile with regard the inability to type anthing,
As I come into the den this a.m. and eased my self between the two beasts I noticed a connector dangling - the Patients Keyboard connector - hence no typing - Oh well back in to the fray

  st.anley 10:05 09 Dec 2004

Explorer Problem #3
This is on the Patient Machine
The Repair code has been entered and accepted and the routine run
However- the wrros continuses whereupup the Web page [this one will be over writ with the home page] and the Eroor message come up.
Click on Dont send close the home page to reveal this one under neath Active rewady to continue
Hey! no error messages for at least the five 7 lnes perhaps it worked
Digits crossed

  st.anley 10:10 09 Dec 2004

Looking at what I just typed I am wondering which has the most serious errors. This machine or me
and I promise I did not touch a drop last night
A glass of plonk in the afternoon at a Christmas Bun fight but not last night.
All ok so far will kee it going for a while though


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