Explorer not responding

  pj1664 13:30 28 Mar 2004

Hello everyone, As you guess from the title my explorer stops responding each time I browse the net. Once I have finish browsing the net I go back to my desk top and click on any item on the desk top and explorer stops responding, I have to reboot in order to work on my desk top. This happend about a year ago and eventually It stop responding completly and I had to reinstall windows from fresh. As you can imagine I don't want to get to that stage. Does anyone knows why this happends and how I can prevent this? Can I In anyway repair my explorer?Is there a patch or a prog. that I can download to do this. I have check for viruses and its clean. I am useing windows 98,1.4ghz cpu with 256ram. Please advice. Thank you.

  VoG II 13:41 28 Mar 2004

You could try a repair of Internet Explorer click here

  arricarry 16:09 28 Mar 2004

Are you using IE6.0?

  arricarry 16:11 28 Mar 2004

I think you can extract windows explorer from your CD if you have one, in systen file checker.

  arricarry 16:17 28 Mar 2004

Or upgrade to Win98 SE

  pj1664 20:38 29 Mar 2004

Sorry about the delay guys but I have been away for a day, I am using IE6.0 and I have tried looking for system file checker in my 98cd but can't find it.The other option suggested by arricarry was to install windows ME, now do I have to format my whole drive to do this or can I just overlay over my existing windows98, because I dont want to loose any of my settings. Would I be abel to repair this via Microsoft? As far as I understand Microsoft have stoped supporting Windows 98! I don't know how far this is true. Anymoor bright Ideas would be appreciated, thank you.

  pj1664 20:05 31 Mar 2004

I have tried Dr.Watson to dignose the problem but nothing. Would appreciate anymore feedback.Thank you.

  VoG II 20:08 31 Mar 2004

Did you try repairing in Add & Remove programs click here ?

  pj1664 20:05 02 Apr 2004

Yes I have tried repairing through add & remove program but no joy. Very confused!!!!!!!!

  SEASHANTY 20:14 02 Apr 2004

Try loading another browser and see how you go on with that. One of the free ones i.e. Mozilla, Opera.
Netscape etcetera. You can download one from this PCA website. Click on downloads but bear in mind this will not be the latest build but it will be a tried and tested one.

  arricarry 21:05 02 Apr 2004

Hello - I said upgrade to Win98 SE not Me, however I think the problem may be IE6, had problems with it in Win98, can you go back to IE5.5 and give it a try? System file checker is part of system information on your computer, its in the tools part of system information.

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