explorer error messages!

  djack 16:22 02 Jun 2004

I recently had to change a friends hard drive to a sslightly bigger one only a 6.4gb.Because the system is 6 years old (built by myself)motherboard would not ccept a bigger drive.I have installed windows ME on it with no problems then installed Office 2000 without any problems all internet connections setup ok to.After a few days my friends daughter rang stating the pc was putting up a windows error message when she tried to access word the message reads as follows "Explorer caused an error in 6859835380.tmp explorer will now close" another side effect was all the icons and toll bars disapeard leaving just a blank desktop with this message in box.I am lost as to what is causing this after everything was working ok when I set the machine up.One thought was that Office 2000 had not installed properly and was causing a software conflict with explorer.If anyone can help I will be eternaly greatfull.

  VoG II 17:27 02 Jun 2004

I would scan for viruses.

  hugh-265156 17:33 02 Jun 2004

similar problem click here

also try adaware spybot or cwshreader if your virus scan comes up clean

  chotto yakuza 17:44 18 Feb 2005

anyone know what error 403 and error 404 is?thanks. chotto yakuza

  SANTOS7 17:46 18 Feb 2005

Error 403
this is most often encountered when the index.html of a folder is missing or the owner of the site has turned off permissions for either that page or its parent directory. If you get this error message and really want to see the page, you could try and contact the owner of the site and tell them what URL you were trying to access when you got the 403 error.
Permissions get changed as much by accident as on purpose, the author might appreciate knowing.

Error 404
This means that the URL as you've typed it doesn't exist.
Check the spelling and try again, but be aware that people take pages down all the time on the Internet. If you're pretty sure that the page is there, try and contact the owner of the site about the 404 error you got.

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