Explorer 6 v Firefox - website probs

  2stroketim 18:57 08 Dec 2007

Hi, created a webisite using frontpage and all fine in Explorer 6 however in Firefox there are shotcuts missing and it looks terrible.

click here

Any clues to why this would be ?


  Kemistri 19:20 08 Dec 2007

Right from the start, you should develop in Firefox or another standards-compliant browser and debug for IE 6 and 7. Not the other way around. Having seen the non-compliant code that FP can output, I'd say that you need to clean it up first of all before you can debug effectively. click here

  gibbs1984 12:59 11 Dec 2007

You need to take the script tags out of the top secton of your HTML as you have them round the end head tag, title tags and the body tag, taking them out should make the website visable in FF.

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript1.2">

Not really sure why you have them there cause you haven't got any JavaScript there.

  CodeMeister 16:14 14 Dec 2007

Hi 2StrokeTim,

First of all you have not declared a document type.

Secondly, if you click the following link, it will launch the W3C validator and identify all of the validation errors within your web page.

click here

  Kemistri 16:39 14 Dec 2007

Which duplicates my link ;-)

  RWest 03:53 15 Dec 2007

You have loads of mistakes. You can use Firefox to check them - it has a validation plugin.

The following addy is the validator with your site added:-

click here

  RWest 03:55 15 Dec 2007

Lol - it's the same output as codemeister's. I hope he wasn't put off as the list is rather long, though a lot of stuff is trivial.

  CodeMeister 20:31 15 Dec 2007

Sorry Kemistri,

At least 2stroketim should get the message that standards compliance is important.

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