Androcles 21:09 22 Jul 2004

Hello,Has anybody got any idea why I can not remove Internet Explorer from my computer completely.I want rid of it!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:14 22 Jul 2004

Do you mean internet explorer?

Explorer is used by windows to locate files and is therefore an integral part of the system.

Internet explorer is used to locate files on thw web and can be removed (although not without problems)


  end 21:19 22 Jul 2004

and what else is on the system....what OS etc so folks can advice you ; how are you intending getting about the WWW ; if you "want rid of it"..??how is it so offending you??

  Androcles 21:22 22 Jul 2004

Yes I mean Internet Explorer.I've been having problems with it on and off for a while.Now I've
finally installed Mozilla Firefox and find it much better,but still IE keeps poking it's damned nose
in. Regards.

  Androcles 21:34 22 Jul 2004

Sorry,OS is XP,running Ad-aware,Spybot S&D,A2 free,AVG,and spysweeper.All updated.IE still keeps putting messages out(various).And the reason it annoyed me so much was the amount of web pages I could not view.Particularly any pages to do with resetting Epson print cartridges.I was even beginning to wonder about Epson.I tried the settings and even reinstalled with updates no go.But since I installed Mozilla those things have been cured.

  end 01:11 23 Jul 2004

I must admit that I use IE and have (so far!!) had no problems with ANY pages displaying;

of interest, can you post a link TO one of the pages you say will not dsplay, just " to see for the hell of it" ...then if I m wrong I can do the necessary!!..and I have only IE on here so cannot cheat!!
post some of the addresses and I"ll seee here what happens....(wait for the long apology!!)....

  Androcles 10:32 24 Jul 2004

Sorry to be so long but I've had some sort of crash.I can get on the web but cannot even access PC Advisor site,I'm sending this from a friends computer.I was in the middle of a dispute with my ISP over double billing at time too.
Any way I will tick this as resolved for now and when I get set up again if I have the same probs I'll get back.Thanks for the help.

  SEASHANTY 13:43 24 Jul 2004

Do not remove I.E.6. Some web pages will not load without it. I also have I.E.6 installed together with Mozilla Firefox and also Mozilla v1.7.1. and also the Thunderbird email prog. They all exist on my PC quite well together. None is set as the default browser altho Mozilla is set as default email prog. Try making Firefox your default browser
and then see if I.E.6 is still causing probs.

  end 17:01 24 Jul 2004

am not sure about this (someone will pitch in and correct me if Im wrong (!!));
but..would suggest that if you have ben having trouble WITH you iSP, just MIGHT have affected your ability TO surf etc.....( now soemone will prove me wrong!!!)

and,,,for MY "info",,fromt eh abov contributors...??CAN you use more than one program on the computer to surf??(am on win 98se here), and if so how do you "switch" between teh tow /three of them??

  SEASHANTY 11:36 25 Jul 2004

You can have as many browsers as you like for web surfing. I have the three above as mentioned and also Thundderbird as an additional email client.
Many members on this forum have more than one browser installed. Some perhaps even four or more.
You usually only use one at once tho by selecting it from the desktop icon. Try downloading Mozilla Firefox from here click here . This browser is about 4.7MB download but does not contain any e-mail programme. If you want one with its own email programme the download Mozilla version 1.7.1 but this is a 12MB download. Very quick on BB but would take a while on dialup.

  Androcles 21:09 27 Jul 2004

Recovered from the disaster,had to do a reformat and reinstall OS,Antivirus etc.plus mozilla firefox all seems OK now.Could have been self-inflicted by trying to remove IE.Thanks for the suggestions all.Having a large scotch now. PS.Double billing resolved also!

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