Explaination of components

  Newuser2533 22:58 29 Nov 2005

I have just started a computer course, the first lesson consists of identifying all the relevant parts using a book of badly photocopied pictures of components and finding them from within a box of old components..... not to bad so far.
So here I am, I've got my IDE, DIMM, AGP, ATX, AMR, PCI, FDD, Jumpers, some sort of blue thing with numbers on it, CPU, BIOS and a battery, amongst other things.
The photocopies and the box of components are to remain at the teaching centre and I'm at home. I will be tested next week.
I go on the Internet and they all have thier AGP,IDE, DIMM etc but no one is giving me any explaination of the individual components or what the letters (DIMM) stand for.
To save me searching like forever, can you suggest a site please.
Next week apart from being tested on the above I will be taking a computer apart...The following week puting it back together and the next hanging from the lonesome pine.
Please help.

  SANTOS7 23:04 29 Nov 2005

click here
this will help, good luck..........

  User-312386 23:12 29 Nov 2005

DIMM stands for dual in-line memory module

  Kev.Ifty 23:31 29 Nov 2005

A great site for all sorts of stuff

'How Stuff Works'

click here


  DieSse 00:00 30 Nov 2005

And another one click here

One very significant point to understand is that computers are very unusual machines. Unlike most machines, which are designed to do specific tasks, the computer is a *General Purpose System*.

It can do very many different tasks - and the way in which it is adapted to carry out different tasks is by means of a set of instructions - called a program.

The very essence of a computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). This carries out the instructions that are fed into it, and uses those instructions to process data that is also fed into it.

All the rest of any system is merely the means of gathering instructions and data and feeding them to the CPU, getting the results from the CPU, and turning those results into some sorts of actions.

  Skills 02:07 30 Nov 2005

I found computer actives jargon buster very handy when I started learning all the various terms you can find it here click here

I find webopedia click here handy as well this tells you what the abrivation means and gives you a bit more detail as well

Wikipedia click here is also a really good site and will give you a fair bit of info.

Also if you want to get a good idea of how all the various slots look try typing it into google and looking through the image results.

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