Expert on Company Servers Please - ?Win NT 2000

  The Potter 21:39 03 Apr 2006

Hi, been ages since I've been here but I do hope someone can shed some light. It's regarding the server at work. Please note that I am not an expert, just appear to be the most practical bod regarding computers in the building (ahem). What I'm looking for is not a 'how to' but 'is it possible'. Here goes:

Some 'expert' set the server up a couple of years ago. In basic language it has 1 (apparent)drive for management 1 and 2, (lets call it A) and 1 'apparent' drive for everyone else including the software for the accounts team and the payroll dept (I'll call this B). Everyone that has been employed since then has had a new folder set up on the B drive but everyone else on that drive can view their documents but they can't view anyone elses (as it should be!). Unfortunately, it has been brought to light that everyone on A drive can view everyone elses on the 'lower' management' team but not on the 'top'management team.

This is not public knowledge (in my workplace) as it would cause an outrage! The 'expert' who set up the whole thing had disappeared and our new 'expert' didn't seem to have any more idea on the subject than me.

Now we have found out that we may be able to contact the original 'expert'. But I'm concerned that even if we could get him in, things would remain as clear as mud.

So .....

Can't we have 1 drive with everyone and all shared software on it; noone can acces any other folder(nay, even file!) unless given permission (ie: lets have a password please?!). Can the whole thing then be set so, lets say me, can log on to another computer as me and still be able to access the files I have the password for - my own and payroll say?

Sorry this has been so long and sorry if I'm asking for something that a lot of money should be paid for. It's just the situation is driving me crazy and I would like to say 'right, lets set it up like this', but maybe I'm the crazy one ...........

If you need more info regarding the techinical stuff please let me know and I'll check it out as soon as I can.

The Potter

  fitshase 23:29 03 Apr 2006

We are running a Windows Server in our office (not sure of the version). We each have a personal drive (folder) on that server. Within that folder we have a "private" folder. Each person can access our folder but only you and an administrator can access your private one.

There are no passwords - it is done by you logging onto the network. If I try to access someone's private folder, I just get an "access denied" box.

It should be possible to do what you are doing but I am not the I.T department so could not tell you how (or if it is the same version of NT).



  Forum Editor 00:40 04 Apr 2006

there's usually more than one way to a conclusion, and that's often where the problems arise.

The short answer to your question is 'yes' you can do everything that you describe, but without having a good deal more information I can't give you a step-by-step description of how to go about it.

I'm guessing that one way towards your goal would be to use workgroups. Workgroup methodology can be the answer to many a prayer, particularly in the smaller office environment, because it's so easy to set up. The network administrator simply allocates logins to the workgroup members and sets file permissions on the server. You can experiment with this to your heart's content, and you'll do no harm.

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