expert advice needed on Access Database!!

  machow 18:34 22 Jan 2004


I have built a database in Access based on an ERD i was given. But i have a problem enforcing referential integrity on 2 tables. the following message appears.

"Microsoft Access cant create this relationship and enforce ref int.

Data in the table 'tblMaintenance' violates referential integrity rules.

For example, there may be records relating to an employee in the related table, but no record relating to an employee in the primary table.

Edit data so that records in the primary table exist for all related records. If you want to create the relationship without following the rules of referential integrity, clear the enforce referential integrity box."

if anyone knows what i can do to solve this problem, i would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance

  Chris the Ancient 19:26 22 Jan 2004

It is rather difficult to tell without actually seeing the structure of the tables.

One quite common reason for relational integrity problems is different data types - accidentally using a text field in one table and then using an integer field for the same data in the other table. So that would be my first port of call.

One of the very best sites for Access problems is at

and I can recommend it highly. It has helped me many times - and they're usually fairly quick there.

Make sure that you give good details - and don't forget to mention which Access version you're on.

HTH Chris

  machow 21:57 22 Jan 2004

I thought it may be difficult, without seeing the table structures.

I have checked the fields and they are fine, so i will take a look at the site.

thanks for your help.


  machow 21:09 24 Jan 2004

i have now been told this is a deliberate design fault that needs to be solved!

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