expensive monitor yet still getting dark images!

  shaneoneill 23:33 25 Jul 2005

Hi, Ii use my pc a lot for photography. A lot of people said that my images were dark whn I email them on. So I went out and bought aViewsionic G220f monitor (expensive and critically acclaimed) and also I bought a Greg Macbeth profiler. All expensive and yet I am still having the same issue. When I called out to a friends house recently I could see a lot more detail on his Dell monitor. I am starting to wonder is it teh graphics card or maybe teh mother board .. can anyone give em any suggestion? (my pc was made from scratch but has some good components - teh only question mark is over the mother board)

  smudge101 23:36 25 Jul 2005

More likely to be your graphics card.
What is the card and have you got the latest drivers for it?

  woodchip 23:39 25 Jul 2005

Have you been into the Display settings to check what they are set to. Gamma is the one to look at. You have been spending and there should be no need unless you have money to throw around in which case throw it over hear.

You should also check photos in a Photo Edit Program that you should be able to setup monitor etc and Map Profiles altering the Brightness as necessary before you send them

  wiz-king 07:24 26 Jul 2005

Set you monitor up click here then see what the photos look like to you and try emailing one to yourself. You may find that if you do as woodchip suggests and look a a photo that comes with your prog as a sample it looks too dark or too light it is your setup that needs adjusting.

  jack 08:56 26 Jul 2005

Wood Chip et al has said it. Chucking money at kit does not do anything - getting to know how to use it does.

A good image editor - Paintshop Pro or Photoshop Elements or similar,- setting up the display right with Gamma and practice - lots of pratice.

  Simsy 10:26 26 Jul 2005

check the graphics card driver, (as suggested bysmudge101), ...

I had EXACTLY the same problem a while back. It was resolved by updating the graphics card driver.



  Stuartli 12:55 26 Jul 2005

Also check the colour management settings - I had to set my iiyama 17in monitor's configuration to User Set to get the result I required rather than Kelvin temperature related.

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