Expansion Riser

  swanny2 15:36 12 Nov 2010

When i turned my pc on today it stareted too bleep and a message saying Expansion Riser not found,it wont boot up. Any ideas any1 please. Thanks.

  Jameslayer 18:45 14 Nov 2010

From looking at google is seems you have nocked the riser loose so. So if your happy to open the case up and check everything thing is in properly.

Disclaimer this advice is based on what I have read on google and not personal experience. Only open up your pc if your happy you now what your doing,

  Dragon_Heart 00:54 26 Nov 2010

Your Expansion Riser is the area of the motherboard that holds the extpansion cards like your video card or sound card.

These cards are held in place at one end ( the end with all the output plugs ) by either a screw or a locking clamp. The cards themselves are pushed into place and then 'locked' in by the screw or clamp.

These cards can sometimes come lose eg after moving the PC or it getting a bump. Reseating the card will, mostly, cure the problem. May also be worth checking the ram tp see that is seated correctly too !

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