expanding hard drive

  2020 17:18 23 Oct 2004

my hard drive is 10gb WDC WD 100BA [IDE\DISK\DC_WD100BA] as i need more space i'm not sure which is the best option a] to get a bigger internal drive but then how could i copy all the info from the existing one. or 2]just get an external usb drive and run it as well? the second option seems the simplest but is the the best option.
many thanks

  pj123 17:47 23 Oct 2004

This depends a lot on the specification of your computer. Give us a clue. What computer is it? How old is the computer? What Operating System have you got. What is the processor speed? How much memory have you got etc....

  Diemmess 18:10 23 Oct 2004

While you are answering pj123's questions, I guess your computer to be at least 4 yrs old and probably running Win98(SE?)

Whatever, I recommend adding a new large HD as a secondary HD.

If you partition this at the beginning, you will in effect have enough space to store backup images, documents, photos, music, whatever and keep an eye open towards one day putting your operating system on the first partition.

Breaking a disk up like this into cosy separate partitions costs virtually nothing of your space but is like having separate filing cabinets to keep things in, without losing everything in one huge pile.

Unless you want to cart lots of stuff around the country, an external disk is a valid but very expensive alternative.

  2020 18:23 23 Oct 2004

Diemmess, your right on the nose. its compaq deskpro en p3 500mhz i28 ram running winxp home. the drive came partined into 2gb sections which i have since modofied using partion magic or similar..i still have about 40% free across the various partions but it all seems a bit messy and i don't really know the most logiacl way to save different data as i'm not a very organised type.

  2020 20:37 23 Oct 2004


  woodchip 20:52 23 Oct 2004

If you can fit a USB2 card then the external would be the best option

  Diemmess 08:05 24 Oct 2004

Another disk and which one? External at twice the price, or internal and open the 'box.'

Planning where to put everything? .....This can develop into a hobby in itself and being careful not to upset the system with meddling..........In principle you aim for a separate disk for backed up system, and at least a separate drive which keeps different types of data in their own folders.

Starting from scratch (which you are not) the ideal is to keep the first partition for the system only (so far as you can), installing your applications in another drive. The apps. will have their references in the registry of the O/S but a regular backup of the boot drive is quickly restored and doesn't take up much space.

I don't know if your Compaq supports USB2, XP certainly does. If you need more USB ports then woodchip's advice is worth following anyway, the PCI to USB2 cards are very cheap.

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