Expanding Active Window

  Jasper1973 10:09 25 Apr 2007

I have started to have a problem with the active window open on my PC, either constantly expanding then reducing back to its original size, or if it is minimised it maximises itself then mininises again - constantly.
If I R/C on the bottom toolbar I can close it, but the same thing happens when the window is opened.
This happens with Word, Excel and IE, but does not appear to effect Outlook Express.
Also when Excel is opened and clicks are made into cells it randomly created about 200 graphs for no reason at all.
I have run a live update and scanned the hard disk but found nothing.

Anyone seen this before?

I am running XP Pro with a 2000 version of Office.

  jbaker65 10:17 25 Apr 2007

Could it be that your F11 key has dirt in it causing an intermittent contact?

  Jasper1973 10:25 25 Apr 2007

Why is it the simplest of solutions often get missed?!!!

Changed the keyboard to an old one I had stuffed away and it appears to be working fine.



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