exhaust fan location and err other stuff ;-)

  jonnytub 21:46 30 Jan 2004

Hi guys, finished building my first flying machine yesterday apart from processor which arrived today (was using a borrowed 1800xp+)
Anyway after a couple of driver hiccups that huggy helped out with in the early hours of yesterday morning everything is running smooth. I have just one question though, my exhaust fan is locatated on the inside back of the case, however there is a place where it could be positioned on the top of the case, i would imagine this to be the better place for an exhaust fan to be placed as heat rises. Would my fan be better situated here as in the very near future i plan to start gradually overclocking. Here's my sys spec in full glory, not because you need it but because i'm dam proud of building it. (with the help of you guys!):

Jetway n2pap lite motherboard
1gb ddr400 mem
Amd athlon xp 2600+ and original heatsink (new water system on order)
Ati radeon 9800 pro graphics card
120gb hdd
40gb hdd
W-Force digital display panel (case, cpu fan, hdd temperature monitor and cpu fan speed adjuster_
6 in 1 memory card reader
400w psu
pci firewire card and pci ultra raid controller (not in use yet)
oh yes the floppy and a partridge in a pear tree.

My wife ain't gonna see me for a while!!!

  skeletal 22:46 30 Jan 2004

Umm there's some stuff there I wouldn't mind myself!

The thought about putting the fan at the top (at the back I assume)is, sort of, good as far as I can see. But, where is your power supply? This will generate heat so I would have thought this should go at the top (with its fan at the top with it, obviously), and then your other fan just beneath it.

Or do you mean on the top surface? Never seen this before (but that doesn't count for much!), but if so, if your computer is anything like mine, this surface will be covered in all sorts of rubbish within minutes!

Don't forget, if you want more cooling you could always add a fan at the bottom front blowing IN.


  jonnytub 23:30 30 Jan 2004

yeah thers a mounting point next to the psu on the top surface

  jonnytub 23:33 30 Jan 2004

err that should read on the underside of the top surface between psu and 5.25" drive bays.

  Mike574 23:51 30 Jan 2004

It sounds like you've got what is known as a blow hole in the top of your case. If the exhaust fan on the back of your case is roughly at the same level as your processor fan I would leave it there as that will be more efficient because its blowing out the hot air from your cpu. As hot air rises it will naturally exit through the blow hole so fitting your exhaust fan will not make a great difference. You can always buy a new fan later on and fit it in the blow hole. A fan grill might be of use for the blow hole to stop any largish objects falling inside your case. Hope this helps.

  skeletal 10:45 31 Jan 2004


Never heard of a blow-hole (in a computer) before...you learn something every day!

Wouldn't be any use to me; as I say, you can't even see the top of my computer.

Other than that, I think I would go with Mike574. The thing you are trying to do is get cool air in at the bottom and then try to get it to flow round the hot bits, and exit above the hot bits in the best way possible. Things that get in the way reduce the air flow, which is why the new round cables (for drives etc.) are better than the flat ones.

Although this is easy to say, in practice, it can be difficult as you can get "dead zones" that don't have any circulation.

Also, in some circumstances, it can be better to have the case fully assembled, than with a side missing.

Like all things, air flow is much more complicated than you might imagine. You could always fit a perspex side, then trickle smoke in at the bottom and watch how it flows round the case! You may then have to change all that lovely stuff you've bought 'cus it would be covered in muck, but you must make sacrifices in the name of science!


  Rayuk 10:55 31 Jan 2004

May help you a little

click here

  skeletal 16:01 31 Jan 2004

Rayuk, good link...I couldn't have put it better myself!!


  jonnytub 14:34 01 Feb 2004

Excellent Link, solved my probs, thanks to skeletal as well !

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