Exel not remembering word when updating spreadsheet

  ponytail 08:52 25 Jan 2015

I keep a spreadsheet of my bank account which keeps me right up to date and normally when I enter the first couple of digits Exel fills in the rest of the word and it still does that except when I enter Tesco now I have to type in the whole word whereas before only needed to type the first two letters.Not a problem just curious why it is just this one word it does not remember and why.I use office 2003 on Windows 7Exel

  csqwared 16:07 25 Jan 2015

Automatic entry works until you use a word with similar start e.g tesco then tessa will stop the autofill. Don't know if that's of help but it's all I can think of to produce your problem.

  csqwared 16:15 25 Jan 2015

I've not used Excel 2003 for some time but in Excel 2010, under 'Options' there is a tick box for 'Enable AutoComplete for cell values'. If it's there make sure it is still ticked.

  ponytail 17:37 25 Jan 2015

I found options when I clicked on tools but cannot see 'Enable AutoComplete for cell values'. I have tried several different words that I use on a regular basis and they are all remembered apart from Tesco

  csqwared 19:38 25 Jan 2015


Go into 'Options' - click the 'Edit' tab, then note the bottom left entry. Is it ticked?

  csqwared 19:48 25 Jan 2015

This might also help.


If you get a yellow advert screen whilst reading, 'X' out of the page and then go back to it, the advert doesn't re-appear.

  ponytail 09:36 30 Jan 2015

Hi csqwared on your last reply was not sure what this means

Excel only tries to match your new entry with immediately adjacent cells above the one in which you are entering the information. It stops trying to match entries when a blank cell is reached. For instance, suppose you have information in cells A1 through A14 and A16 through A23. When you start typing an entry in cell A24, Excel only tries to match it with values in A16 through A23; the blank cell at A15 halts the comparisons. And in your previous reply yes that box is ticked

  csqwared 20:02 30 Jan 2015

Try having a look at this:-


I've tried this in Excel 2010 and it performs exectly the same. I can't verify * => => => * as 2010 doesn't work like that.

I still wonder if you have, inadvertently, typed a word similar to 'Tesco', perhaps a mis-spelling e.g. 'Tesca' which has caused this. Other than that I'm at a loss.

  csqwared 20:05 30 Jan 2015

Oops. =>=>=> should read

Edit=> GoTo => Special => CurrentRegion


  ponytail 08:52 03 Feb 2015

Just tried something I went into Exel and entered Tesco in a cell and then started to type it into the cell below as soon as I entered the letter t it filled in as Tesco I then then jumped a couple of cells but this time it did not remember and had to type the whole word Tesco in.This never happened before as I could have quite a gap between the last Tesco entry and the new one and it always remembered so what could have changed.

  csqwared 21:01 03 Feb 2015

Don't know. According to all the foregoing, my attempts with Excel 2010 and now your 'experiment' that's how it should perform.

Try shopping at a different supermarket! ;-))


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