sms 15:56 11 May 2007

i am using an exel spreadsheeet that contains many links.I have copied the sheet and created a new sheet with the same format. I have to change the links to enable to go to the correct sheet. It is very laboreous to go through each link to update each one.

Is there a quicker way. eg c:/mydocuments/january/file1


  GroupFC 21:19 11 May 2007

I am not sure that I have properly understood the question but in the absence of a reply from anybody else, I'll have a go (at least this will bump you up the list!).

Are these links with in the same workbook or links to another (external) workbook? If the latter, have you looked at the options under Edit>links>change source?

  daba 22:33 11 May 2007

A good way to manage links, especially if the data will be accessed from another sheet, is to give the cell, or cell range, a name.

highlight the data (single or multiple cells), then click on Insert, Name, Define. Give the cell(s) a name.

Then you can use that name in other formulas, even on other sheets.

Start working this way, makes the whole thing much, much easier, and your formulae "come alive"

If your data is already linked, you will have to edit all the links to it on the other worksheets, but you can use "Search and Replace" for this.

  ianeon 07:15 12 May 2007

Why not try a small programme called "ASAP UTILITIES" from click here and its free!

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