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  johnincrete 14:46 01 Oct 2010

I have a spreadsheet that is a list of puplis. The original list was created in 2007 for the 2007/8 acedemic year. Each year, new pupils are added and levers deleted, the result being saved as Class List yyyy yyyy. One of the uses is as a data source for mail merge in Word to produce individual report forms.
At the foot of the window is a pale grew band with "Ready" at the left and just "Num" at the right. Above this is another pale grey band that stretches from the left to around the middle and then we have the horizontal scroll bar. At the left hand side are chevrons | > >|, then there is "Class List 20078 converted csv" on a white backgroung and then the rest is blank. Clicking on any of the chevrons appears to do nothing. What are they and what are they supposed to do?
Where does "Class List 20078 converted csv" come from and how do I update it to correspond to the file name?

  mgmcc 19:05 01 Oct 2010

>>> At the foot of the window is a pale grew band
>>> with "Ready" at the left and just "Num" at the right.

That is the Status bar. If you type in a cell, it will show 'Enter' at the left until you have pressed Enter or moved to a different cell, when it will change to 'Ready', being ready for you to insert more data. 'Num' indicates that the Number Lock for the numeric keypad is enabled. If you press the Caps Lock key, you will see 'Caps' beside 'Num'. Similarly with the Scroll Lock key, you will see 'Scrl'. If you highlight a several cells with numbers in, the Status bar will indicate the sum of those cells.

The chevrons are used to scroll left/right when there are too many 'Worksheet' tabs to fit in the screen. > and < will go right and left. |> and <| will go to 'last' and 'first'.

Without seeing the file, I cannot answer where "Class List 20078 converted csv" has come from but the Excel may have been exported or imported at some time in its life as a .CSV file - a plain text file with data delimited with commas (Comma Separated Values).

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