exe files

  ole1999 12:26 26 May 2003

hi guys, since i spend most of my time downloading software from imesh, kaaza etc, its only fair that i share software that i have, could anybody tell me how on earth u compress the software to enable others to download off u, most of what i download are EXE compressed files, would appreciate any help


distribute freeware in its original package

  -pops- 13:22 26 May 2003

Do I understand this correctly? You want to disseminate information from this site via your kaaza (sic) setup?

If this is so, what is wrong with anyone in the world connecting with this site or any of its contents themselves? It is free and accessible to all.

  Terrahawk 13:37 26 May 2003

most freeware or share ware packages can be downloaded from the web as exe or zip files already compressed so their shouldnt be a need to compress them further

  ole1999 13:46 26 May 2003

sorry if i confuse u all, what i mean is when u download games etc from imesh etc, how is it put there in the first place? how can i share my sofeware, games etc, how do u compress the game i have ( cant explain what i mean exactly ), if anyone knows what i mean would be appreciated

cheers in advance

  Terrahawk 14:03 26 May 2003

i am not going to harp on the sharing of copyright material games music etc is in breach of copyright laws thus making it illegal therefore we are unable to help you

  ole1999 14:11 26 May 2003

ok guys fair enough, but i dont think there is one person who hasnt at one time breached the copyright laws on p.cs, at one time nobody was allowed to record off the radio but we all do ( why sell tapes, videos, cds in the first place ), i appreciate ur dilema


  -pops- 14:24 26 May 2003

What you may or may not do in the privacy of your own computer is somewhat different to telling the world how to do it.

  Confab 14:29 26 May 2003

Why not contact the manufacturer of the software and ask how you can compress their installation CD into a down-loadable exe file and see what they say?

Don't forget to add your name and address otherwise they won't be able to contact you!!

In all seriousness software manufacturers spend a lot of time and money trying to protect their goods. It takes very skilled(but possibly misguided)people to crack CD protection and is quite often very different for each CD.

Why not spend your time doing something useful and then maybe you could save up for the original software? Of course, when you buy this it also comes with on-line support which, in my opinion, is often worth more than the software itself.


  ole1999 14:44 26 May 2003

hi, i appreciate what everyone has said, maybe naive of me i know, just amazes me how the likes of p2p sharing sites are getting away with it if its costing so much for the manufacturers, sorry for posting such a question


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