Exchanging M/board, CPU and Ram

  winstonwolf 22:20 04 Jan 2003
  winstonwolf 22:20 04 Jan 2003

Hi, my pc is so slow i have to upgrade. the m/board i have does not support faster cpu's and is to old to worry about anyway. I want to install a new motherboard , cpu and ddr memory.Is this a simple enough task and if so does anybody have any ideas of good combinations? Also is there anything else i need to upgrade/add too? I'm looking to have an AMD athlon xp2000+ 1.68ghz as minimum. my current system is as follows , if that helps at all.

AMD K6 3D 450mh cpu
Acer v75m Mainboard
SIS 530cps Chipset
Acer Mini Tower Case
194mb sdram
No graphics card
Windows 98 OS

  woodchip 22:48 04 Jan 2003

This is mine,

ECS K7S6A motherboard takes all Athlon XP's

333DDR memory or if you like 2700

I have a 1600+xp running on this board at the moment at 1900+xp been running all day CPU tem 41c on load SYSTEM 27c

I have just one fan a CoolerMaster running at about 5800 rpm varies run's like a dream very stable

the board as onboard SIS 97A sound no graphics

I have an old 16MB ram Creative Blaster 3D Banshee

  The Phantom Menace 23:01 04 Jan 2003


you will probably will need a new ATX case with a 300W PSU.

  DieSse 23:05 04 Jan 2003

You will almost certainly need a new case with an uprated (min 300W) PSU, a new fan/heatsink for the new processor, and a case fan.

If you buy a motherboard without a graphics card, you will need a graphics card too.

If you have any cards (modem?, SCSI scanner board?, old sound card?) in ISA slots, you will need replacements for them as well.

  winstonwolf 23:09 04 Jan 2003

i have a sonic fury soundcard but i think thats in a pci slot ,same as the modem . i've not had a graphics card before

  Bluescreen 23:41 04 Jan 2003


I had the same problem only 4 weeks ago.
Limited to £200ishI opted for below;

PC Chips 841 Mobo . It has 64 mg on board graphics and sound and modem.Supports athlon up to 2400xp The chip is the Sis 740 DDR. It has 2 sdram slots and ddr slots so you can upgrade later. Retail £60

New case. Bought with 350psu and onboard fan=£30

Seagate 40gig 7200rpm hard drive =£60( bought prior to upgrade)

Athlon 2000xp=fan=£70 and 256ddr=£55

Only letdown with this is that the mobo does not have an APG so you will have to live with the onboard graphics, but to be honest, unless you are a hard gamer, it does all and more than I ever want.It performs really well!

My old pc. donated the burner and floppy and cd drive.
When I took everything out of the box, it looks a bit daunting, but I followed the mobo instructions and took my time. I even just connected up my hard drive donated from the old case(seagate 40gig),without even reformating the hd. It fired up first time and after setting everything as per instructions in BIOS, it runs like a dream. Stable at 39c with no blue screens and goes like a rocket. I would recommend a clean installation tho, as a few glitches have come across from the old system,as I think Me has had a beating over the last 2yrs on my pc!

Overall....simple. This is like a highwing trainer aeroplane in aircraft world. Although a more complex system could be harder. I don't know. All I can say is try it. It was fun and enjoyable and a lot more appreciative that just taking it out of the box straight from P.C. World any day!!

Would be interesting to hear from other experienced builders to correct me if I'm wrong.

  winstonwolf 00:23 05 Jan 2003

thanks for your help

  winstonwolf 01:40 05 Jan 2003


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