Exchanging a hard drive

  teddyjeff2 13:14 19 Feb 2007

Hello everyone,
I have took the second hard drive from my old computer (2years old)that I used to hold data. I have now fitted it in my latest computer, both running Windows XP, and when I tried to boot it up a message came up " Trouble booting please instert a bootable disk. When I took the power lead off the second drive the computer booted up as normal.Is there a master and slave set up as with dvd/cd drive units?
Can anyone please help?


  SB23 13:18 19 Feb 2007

Are you talking about Hd's or dvd/cd drives. If the latter, as I found out when I replaced my dvd/ cd drive, yes, one will be master, one will be slave.

  Diemmess 13:25 19 Feb 2007

Try changing the jumper on the old drive to CSL which should be enough, or slave if that does not work.

  wee eddie 13:27 19 Feb 2007

get a USB Enclosure and use it as an External Drive

  Teddy Jeff 13:37 19 Feb 2007

Thanks for your time,
It is a hard drive that I am trying to swap over SB23
Diemmess, I did not notice if there was jumpers on hard drives I will take it out if there is.

wee eddie I have one but I was trying to save space but thanks anyway.


  Diemmess 13:42 19 Feb 2007

Yes they all do, or the bog-standard ones do.
As I expect you now they are close to the data cable socket, usually with a legend on the label close by.

CSL is a non-commital setting which is usually enough, but set as Master ensures that the PC looks there first of all.

  Simsy 13:54 19 Feb 2007

to the question, "Is there a master and slave set up as with dvd/cd drive units?" is "Yes"

However, it isn't necessarily that the PC boots from the MASTER if there are 2 HDD... it may be selectable in the BIOS.

Having said that, it would be better if One of the HDD had it's jumper set to MASTER, and the other to SLAVE

(Note this is the case with EIDE drives... I assume it's the same with SATA?)



  SB23 13:55 19 Feb 2007

I'll shut up!
You are talking about Hd's. That will teach me to read the post properly, lol.

  Teddy Jeff 17:34 19 Feb 2007

Thank you all again I will have another go first thing tommorow.
No, I had no idea where they where Diemmess thanks for the info.with the directions from Simsy as well, I hope I can get it working.
I'll let you know how I get on.

Best regards all


  teddyjeff2 15:38 21 Feb 2007

Hi All,
I have spent some time trying to get the extra h/drive to work without any joy.
I got it booted up ok and the message "New hardware found" and then installed, but there was no icon for it.I went into the bios page and the new h/drive is listed with all its detailes.But when I try to reboot it will not have it. As soon as i disconnect the power lead to the h/drive everything works ok except there is no extra drive.


  Teddy Jeff 20:52 21 Feb 2007

I found that it works now that I removed the jump switch altogether'


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