Excess Unknown Internet activity

  tedoniman 07:16 11 Aug 2006

11-Aug-06 / Excess Unknown Internet activity

Win XP Pro SP2 / 256 MB RAM / Intel Celeron 2.66 GHz

Of late, noticing a lot of background Internet activity.
I'm on a small home-net LAN w/ each comp connected to a hub
which goes to an ADSL router connected to telephone line.

Although I've not gone on the Internet today, I see
constant activity at the Internet Monitor icons in the
Notification area.

When check "status", I see, by now, 5 MB sent / 20 MB received -
and yet I've not initiated any Internet activity myself today.

I've uninstalled a few unused programs including everything
to do with Google DeskTop. My antivirus has already updated
this morning and that took only a few seconds.

What could be going on? and where all all these 5 MB of
"sent" coming from and where are those 20 MB "received"
(up til now and growing) going to?

How can I determine what's going on and how to stop it?

Thanks in advance,


  FelixTCat 08:38 11 Aug 2006


Those are not strictly internet monitors; they are network traffic monitors. Since you are using a hub rather that a router they may be measuring every bit of traffic on the network between all of the pcs rather than just the traffic of each pc.

At a guess, do you have 4 pcs (4x5 MB = 20 MB)?

Does the monitor on each pc show roughly the same amount of traffic?

Can you analyse the traffic by source and destination?



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