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  John _N 22:34 20 Sep 2006

I have suddenly become inundated with spam (some of it of the moast unwelcome kind. I believe that you can establish a bar on the known offenders (although they can always get round it by altering at least one character in their address). Any suggestions please? It happened once before several years ago and I solved the problem by changing my address. This has disadvantages so I would prefer not to go down that route. Should not my firewall have prevented tis? I have Windows XP

  ArrGee 22:37 20 Sep 2006

Which e-mail client are you using? Outlook, Outlook Express, web-based?

  spuds 22:39 20 Sep 2006

Your firewall will not prevent spam.

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  sean-278262 23:28 20 Sep 2006

John_n the best option is not to give your email out online. The way I tend to do it is to use 2 email addresses. 1 is my main one that i use for trusted sites or ones I have verified. The other is my spam address I check once a week. If I want to sign up anywhere I will go there and then use the spam address if the site doesnt end up inundating the email with spam I will then move on and sign up using my official address and a real user name. Most sites dont allow this behaviour but then again many sites dont follow the DPA (data protection act) or other laws regarding my information.

Obviously that wont help what you are getting now but if you do it in the future you will make for getting rid of a lot of the spam you would likely get.

Another thing to do is for sites like ebay is to forward emails from another account as some users are not very kind and will add you to mailing lists so I will forward emails from ebay from another dummy account to mine and if things I dont want start just get a new account so starting of with user1 till it gets spammed then move to [email protected].

Hope that helps you.


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