Excess Spacing in HTML Code

  Pesala 12:12 05 May 2004

I noticed that NetObjects Fusion (I'm now using MX from the recent PCA cover-disk) insert loads of spacing in my text. In some cases it causes problems, for example, if I wish to use an extended Unicode character like ā in a link, I must insert it as using html character entity. Due to the excessive space, what I get is Satipatthā na instead of Satipatthāna

  Pesala 12:13 05 May 2004

And what can I do to stop it?

  Pesala 21:41 05 May 2004

I have looked at the source code. NOF " inserts loads of spacing in my text" which is causing the problem. What I'm asking is "Why does NetObjects Fusion insert this excessive spacing, and can one stop it doing this?"

  Taran 22:00 05 May 2004

I'm guessing it does it because of less than 100% support for unusual and/or Unicode characters and I've no idea how to stop it.

I'll have a look tomorrow and see if I can dig around and come up with a fix, but playing around with Unicode in page text is not something I do and so I've never had the opportunity to try to replicate your problem.

If I can come up with something I'll let you know.

In the meantime, have you asked on the MX newsgroups ?

Responses are often quite quick and helpful and, more to the point, they are of a specialist nature.

  Pesala 06:45 06 May 2004

It happens everywhere. By searching and replacing double space with single space in wordpad I reduced files sizes substantially - e.g. 64K to 47K. I tried using Lightspeed, but it couldn't cope with the large file sizes. It seems to be due to nested tables.

  Pesala 06:47 06 May 2004

The problems only becomes visible after a unicode character in a link that is inserted via html. I will try the Newsgroups. As you say, they are often more appropriate for questions unique to a particular product.

  Taran 08:59 06 May 2004

My apologies: I thought from your initial description that this was purely down to extended Unicode characters.

This is based on NOF version 7 but, from memory, MX is broadly similar.

Open a page of your site.

Click on Tools, Options, Current Site.

On the pop-up dialog box that appears you should be looking at the General tab. At the bottom of it is a button called HTML options. Click on it.

At the top right of the HTML Options pop-up, put a tick in the checkbox that says maximum compression. Yuo can also change the amount of spaces that your code is indented and the HTML and Attribute tags may be set to upper or lower case. Click OK, click OK again to close down the dialog box.

Click on File, Save Site.

Now preview the site or publish it. You'll find that all excess white space in the documents has been removed and your lines of code are bumped solid right up against one another without any spaces at all.

Is that, more or less, what you were looking for, or is this still a peculiarity of extended Unicode characters which is what I took your initial post to mean.

The above just optimises your page code output, more or less along similar lines to the excellent Lightspeed program, but it's all built into NOF and since it is a NOF feature it copes with all the bloat and nested tables and whatnot that NOF often produces. Perhaps that will clear up your problems ?

I'd have posted to that effect straight away but, as I've said, I ws under the impression that this was an extended Unicode character specific issue.


  Pesala 09:18 06 May 2004

Tools, Site Setting, General, HTML Options, to show this dialogue box click here. I chose the options shown, which reduces files sizes substantially though it makes the source code harder to read. No immediate sign of the problem of a space after ā, so the problem is solved easily enough. Thanks for that.

  Taran 12:58 06 May 2004

This is the problem when trying to describe a fix in one version of a product when you don't have the actual version currently installed on any machines close to hand.

I knew it could be done in MX, but my failing memory (a sure sign of age) meant that I had to describe the process based on NOF 7, which is the closest version I have to MX.

Anyway, all's well that ends well.

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