Excess CPU useage with Firefox

  Newuser964 17:53 30 Jan 2014

I am getting periods when my CPU useage sticks at 100 per cent. Monitoring with Process Explorer suggests that this is down to Firefox 26. I do not have many plugins or extensions, and in the morning the useage is normally around 300,000K. I've checked the other applications listed by process Explorer and they don't vary much over the day. However later in the day, with no more pages open, and even after being away from the computer for a while, Firefox can shoot up to 600,000 - 800,000K. Is it possible that it uses more resources when the download speed is low during periods of high demand, e.g. c. 2 Mbps, and upload c. 0.4 Mbps? or can anyone think of another explanation? thanks

  rdave13 18:14 30 Jan 2014

Same as IE I think. Try running Firefox in safe mode. If the usage is low then enable what plugins, themes etc., one at a time, to see if an extension/plugin is the cause.

  Newuser964 23:21 30 Jan 2014

Thanks - will try it but doubt it as the same thing happens when I run IE, and haven't got all the same plugins in that as I rarely use it.

  rdave13 23:30 30 Jan 2014

Process Explorer doesn't seem to be a good program then? Excuses Firefox and IE. If you had Chrome I don't doubt it would blame that browser also.

Looks like you have a program that leaks memory. Link.

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