Excell not saved - can I recover?

  Stressed Mum 18:00 28 Aug 2006

My husband has just done an hour and halfs work on his document in excell. Unfortunately as he exitied the document he did not save it - can anyone suggest anything? Is this likely to be anywhere? Thanks in anticipation. SM

  X™ 18:06 28 Aug 2006

No, unfortunatly, it is gone. As he did not save it, the computer did not save. So, I'm sorry, but your husband's work is gone. Unless you at all use a keylogger, then you could get it back.

  STREETWORK 18:15 28 Aug 2006

It may be saved if you had automatic save enabled. Try opening excell and on the file menu look for the last one in the list at the bottom.

  GroupFC 18:36 28 Aug 2006

To avoid this problem in the future turn on autosave - tools>add-ins>Autosave add-in - with this you will be able to set a time (say 10 mins), and then at the specified interval a window will pop up asking if you want to save changes to the workbook.

  Stressed Mum 18:38 28 Aug 2006

Thank you to you all. Advice very helpful and autosave now enabled!!

  TonyV 19:58 28 Aug 2006

I see you have ticked this one, but, you may be able to get it back by Opening Windows Explorer and going in to search and making sure that Hidden files is checked. Then search for Recent in the Files and Folders. There is a good chance you will see a copy of the awol file!

Have fun


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