flobby 10:59 31 May 2005

Can you help?
I run a lotto bingo; there are 20 lines of 6 numbers.(B2,C2,D2,E2,F2,G2 going down to B21,C21,D21,E21,F21,G21)
I want excel to Fill the cell with a colour, when the numbers I enter (the lotto numbers each Saturday, as they are the bingo numbers called) are put into empty cells underneath. (B24,C24,D24,E24,F24,G24, Then B25,C25,D25,E25,F25,G25,and continuing down until the game is won)
So when all 6 numbers are filled the line has been won.
If this is too complicated I will carry on filling the colour manually.
I have excel 2003
Cheers, and thanks

  Yoda Knight 11:10 31 May 2005

It can be done using VBA

  flobby 11:32 31 May 2005

Thanks, But what is VBA.

  Yoda Knight 11:51 31 May 2005

Visual Basic for Applications.

Allows you to create programs inside Excel etc to work with its data

  flobby 12:16 31 May 2005

Will I be able to don this using the help in excel, or will I need tuition,

  Noldi 12:29 31 May 2005

you can use the IF funtion.

I will post a example later. Or VOG is the man if he comes on line. Back to work Noldi

  Yoda Knight 12:32 31 May 2005

Google will supply enough help sites to help you accomplish this. Its not very difficult, but of course if you've never programmed before it may look intimadating at 1st

  flobby 12:40 31 May 2005

Thank you both,
I am off to work now so I will have a go tomorrow morning.

  VoG II 13:03 31 May 2005

If I understand, you want to colour a line if all 6 cells contain a value (i.e. are not blank).

If this is the case then you should be able to use Conditional Formatting on the Format Menu. Use "Formula is" and use a formula similar to:


Click the format button, then on the Patterns tab click the colour you want and OK your way out.

Then use the Format Painter (the toolbar button that looks like a paintbrush) to apply the formatting to the other cells in the row.

  Noldi 20:05 31 May 2005

Sorry still looking I presume that the top 20 lines are in number order and the lower lines are as drawn.

  flobby 00:30 01 Jun 2005

Hi Noldi,
Yes, the 20 lines are peoples numbers eg.
9-22-33-35-39-44. etc
and the cells underneath are blank ,in which I enter the numbers drawn on the lotto,eg.10-16-21-24-34-46
And I would like it so that the numbers in the line above shade in or colour so that I can see who has a full line.
I hope this helps. I have it on word at the moment and fill in manually. Can I attach it to another message ,so you may see what I mean.
cheers. flobby

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