Excel & Word Fuzzy on 80cms LCD TV

  roger 18:24 26 Mar 2006

I have an Asus laptop with a Nvidia Go 7300 graphics card.

I have connected the laptop to the tv with a s-vhs cable and I can see the laptop screen. Photos are not as good as on the laptop but ok.

However, letters and numerals in Word and Excel docs are very blurry/fuzzy. I assume that is because the dot pitch resolution of the tv is not as high as on the laptop and that the tv is interlaced at a lower resolution and although HD compliant is analogue.

Is it possible to do anything about this?

Also, the tv will not show dvd's run on the laptop dvd player.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how these issues can be resolved - if indeed that is possible.

All suggestions will be much appreciated.
Thank you.


  Stuartli 18:30 26 Mar 2006

There are no current HD transmissions so this is irrelevant, especially as you will still require additional equipment to receive it.

A monitor has a non-interlaced display.

It would appear you may have to use another form of connecting the two - perhaps with RCA video (yellow plug) and audio (red and white plugs).

  roger 19:17 30 Mar 2006

Thanks Stuartli for your comment. However, I did not go down that route. Instead I am using a DVI-I to VGA connector setup - VGA on the laptop and DVI-I on the TV and it is much much better. Unfortunately the laptop does not have a DVI (I or D) out setup.

If anyone thinks that RCA is better I will try that.

Thanks again.


  De Marcus™ 19:22 30 Mar 2006

Are you outputting the signal from the laptop into the TV at it's native resolution or the same resolution as the laptop?

  roger 09:21 31 Mar 2006

Hi De Marcus.

At the same resolution as on the laptop.

  De Marcus™ 12:12 31 Mar 2006

Check your tv manual for it's native resolution or post the make and model of the TV for us to find it for you. I'd be surprised if the laptops native resolution was the same as the TV's.

Once you have the TV's native resolution, you can configure the laptop accordingly.

  roger 11:20 03 Apr 2006

De Marcus. Sorry for the delay in responding.

The TV is a Philips 80cms LCD model number PH32F5520.

It has a PC mode facility and I am using that with my DVI-I to VGA cables. According to the manual this offers different display resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 digital and 1024 x 768 analogue.

I could not find information on the native resolution.

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