Excel - updating a chart

  Diemmess 17:14 04 Sep 2011

This must be fundamental stuff for those who use Excel. Is it possible to have a simple chart update itself automatically as data is added?

I haven't found a way to do this and the idea is more for my amusement than business.

The worksheet contains date, daily totals, and a third column showing the weekly total from the last 7 days.

All I can do to update, is to delete the old chart and build a new one from the growing number of entries in the worksheet. (I'm struggling with Excel 2007).

  AroundAgain 20:48 04 Sep 2011


I use Excel 2003 but, in this, I would have thought it should be the same.

Assuming you have formulae in a cell, when you amend the cell with the data in, then click Enter, or move from that cell, the cell with the formula in should then show the new figure.

So, not meaning to teach you to suck eggs etc, cell C1 has date, cell C2 has quantity, Cell C3 has formula. When you update C2, and press Enter, cell C3 should then display the new total.

If you want to update on a new line, then you can drag the formula from cell C3 to C4 (right bottom corner, and get a cross, then click and drag down). This will allow you to enter data in cells D1 and D2, and D3 should display the calculation.

Maybe I've misunderstood what you mean, though. If so, perhaps you could explain further, and I, or someone will try to help.


  AroundAgain 20:49 04 Sep 2011

PS Apologies if you already know all this Cheers

  Woolwell 23:18 04 Sep 2011

I think this is what you want Update data in existing chart

  VoG II 07:13 05 Sep 2011
  Diemmess 09:02 05 Sep 2011


As ever, it is easy when you know how!

I'm sure you have collectively provided the answer with this wealth of information, but I'll leave the green tick until I am happy with a method. No time to meddle until this evening at best.

Thank you for each and every response.

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