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  sinbad1 17:00 22 Mar 2005

This is probably an easy one for those that use excel more than me.

I need to insert a tick or cross in the cells of my worksheet. I can copy and paste from the character map,however there must be an easier way of inserting a tick.

any ideas?

  howard60 17:06 22 Mar 2005

if you use alt I then s you get symbols once you find the one you want you can assign a hotkey to it. This will then install the symbol in the cell that is highlighted.

  howard60 17:14 22 Mar 2005

sorry that was in word you need character map in Excel
Insert ¢, £, ¥, ®, and other characters that are not on the keyboard
On the Windows Start menu, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Character Map.
If Character Map is not available, see Windows Help for information about how to install a Windows component.

In the Font box, select the font that contains the character you want.

In the character grid, click the character you want.

Click Select, and then click Copy.
You can select and copy multiple characters.

Switch to your workbook, and then place the insertion point where you want to paste the character.

Click Paste .
If the character looks different from the one you selected, select the character and apply the same font you selected in Character Map.

Tip Character Map shows the key shortcut you can use in Microsoft Excel to insert the selected character. If the key shortcut includes a number key, press the key you want on the numeric keypad, not on the main keyboard area.

  Fellsider 17:19 22 Mar 2005

For a cross, I use Upper case X in Arial at 8pt
For a tick I use Webdings and lower case 'a'

  sinbad1 18:28 22 Mar 2005


alt I then s gives me the hyperlink not character map.struggling with getting the symbol when i enter and copy get different symbols.

the symbol does have some letters and a number6 how do i use this to insert character?

Fellsider i've looked in Webdings and 'a' does give a tick seems the easiest way for me

  Noldi 18:50 22 Mar 2005

If you hold down the Alt key type then a number in on the right hand number keys staerts 1 and goes into the 100s(not along the top) you get all sorts os symbols when you release the Alt key. I have a list at work of all sybols but not here I will post tomorrow but it would be better if you give it a go and see what happens.

  sinbad1 19:19 22 Mar 2005


I have tried your alt/No thats great got different symbols, since there are 100s, chances of getting the tick number is a bit like the lottery.

Look forward to your next post, expect the list has lots of useful shortcuts to symbols.

The character map shows the symbol for a tick to be OxD6 ;but not been able to implement this into cell.


  great1 20:13 22 Mar 2005

Put cursor in the cell you want to tick. Change to the Windings font. Hold down the Alt key and type 0252 on the numbers pad and press enter. A tick should appear in the active cell. It won't work if you try using the number keys running across the top of your keyboard. Only use the number pad to the right.

  TonyV 20:14 22 Mar 2005

Another way of getting a tick into the worksheet is to drag and drop it. If you open up the Character Map and select Wingdings, then select the Tick. If you now click the tick, then drag it to the Cell you want it in. Assuming your cell is formatted in Arial, the symbol will come up as u with 2 dots above it. Just change the font for that cell to Wingdings. You now have the tick!

  sinbad1 20:37 22 Mar 2005

Thanks for your response great1 and Tonyv both methods work, problem is there are different cells with crosses and ticks in different orders and would have to do them individually changing from wingdings to arial.

If noldi has a shortcut alt/No think this would be easier for me.


  Noldi 08:29 23 Mar 2005

I have looked in the symbol list out of 268 sybols no tick. If I had to use the tick I would write a macro as follows. This macro I set up to enter Ctrl+a. You can either copy this in to visual basics or record a macro yourself if you need to know how to do this let me know.
PS I use Garmen version of Office so maybe somebody can change this to English but VB should unterstand this.

Sub tick()
' tick Makro
' Makro am 23/03/2005 von Chuter David aufgezeichnet
' Tastenkombination: Strg+a
With Selection.Font
.Name = "Webdings"
.Size = 10
End With
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "a"
End Sub

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