EXCEL tabs

  Heefie 00:14 29 Nov 2004

At last I get around to why I signed on !!!

Excel tabs expand & reduce to allow the name of the tab to Worksheet to fit ... if it's called "AA" then the tab is small, if it's called "Billy Smither's babysitting timetable" it's big ...

Question ... Can I specify the size of an Excel Worksheet tab, even if that means the full name will not fit on the tab that is showing ?!?!?

  VoG II 00:17 29 Nov 2004

Nope. Maximum 32 characters.

  Heefie 00:21 29 Nov 2004

... I want the tabs to be smaller, as I know what they say ... the scrolling left and right, in this particular spreadsheet, is a pain !!!

The first 10 characters (for instance) would be more than sufficient ...

  PA28 09:28 29 Nov 2004

Why don't you simply enter the first 10 characters then? It'll be as meaningful to anyone as a truncated longer sheet name and if that's all you need ..... you can always put the full name of the sheet in a cell elsewhere on the sheet for other users.

  Tog_ 10:08 29 Nov 2004

Isn't it possible to create buttons for the toolbar that will navigate you to the relevant sheet?

  Shas 11:20 29 Nov 2004

Four arrows to the left of the worksheet tabs - if you right-click on any of them you get a pop up box listing all the tabs and you can select the one you want. Is this what you mean Tog_?

  pj123 11:27 29 Nov 2004

As PA28 suggests. Why not just rename them to the size you want. As an "Oldie" I tend to still use the old DOS 8.3 format and abbreviate all my file names.

  Tog_ 11:59 29 Nov 2004

IIRC (it was in my previous job), when the project expenditure sheets came round, along the top were a bunch of buttons created using macros (VB?). Selecting one would perform a specific calculation on the input figures and take you to the result but I'm sure that the result was on a different sheet to the input.

  Heefie 16:59 29 Nov 2004

... this spreadsheet has information in the tab that is not avaiable anywhere else in the Worksheet and that information is used by various buttons, formulae and hyperlinks ... both on each individual worksheet and in a master / index worksheet.

It's not a *problem*, as such, it would just make navigation a bit easier sometimes ... doesn't look like it's possible though, from replies so far, never mind !!!

  VoG II 17:26 29 Nov 2004

Sorry, I totally misunderstood your question (it was late).

Right click on the navigation arrows, bottom left. You will then see a pop-up list of all the sheets.

  Heefie 17:48 29 Nov 2004

... how simple !!!!!!!!

Thanks for that, so simple, LOL !!!!

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