Excel : Standard Deviation

  Zeltine 16:20 24 May 2007

Any help would be appreciated, so thanks in advance!
Excel 2003, Need to calculate Standard deviation across a range of cells, but only on cells that meet a certain criteria.....


  VoG II 16:24 24 May 2007

=STDEV(Your Range)

but what conditions?

  Zeltine 17:35 24 May 2007

For instance

I would need excel to check each cell for criteria of 40 or above and then only using the cells which fit the criteria use these to calculate Standard devaition across those cells, I will be using STADEVPA.... thanks once again

  VoG II 18:22 24 May 2007


which is an array formula and must be confirmed with CTRL + Shift + Enter, not just Enter. If entered correctly the formula should be displayed in the formula bar surrounded by curly braces {}.

  Zeltine 08:06 25 May 2007

Thank you VoG
This has helped no end, I need to look at array formulas more......
Its Friday, so have a good weekend

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