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  Dobie 10:59 26 Feb 2006

Looking for some help with Excel.
Trying to help a friend who is currently sitting his taxi exam.
He has a spread sheet with two columnes of information. Column 1 has the question, column 2 the answer.
Looking for a formula where column 1 still retains the question, column 2 is blank, but if the correct answer is typed in, and enter is pressed, then column three will say correct or wrong.
Is this possible.

Thanks in advance


  beynac 11:54 26 Feb 2006

Whatever is typed into column 2 would have to exactly match the answer for this to work. If it's multiple choice (i.e. the answer is a number or single letter) - no problem. Cell A1 is the question: cell B1 is where the answer is typed.

Formula for cell C1:

So, for a numerical answer (e.g. 1) it would be: =IF(B1=1,"Correct","")

  Taff™ 11:56 26 Feb 2006

How about Hiding Column Two, then filling in the answer in column three. In column four enter a formula that says something like IF(A3=A2,"CORRECT","Try Again") For example you could leave out "try again" and just use "" which would leave the box blank unless the answer was correct which would give CORRECT in the box.

  beynac 11:57 26 Feb 2006

I just re-read your post and realised that you wanted column 3 to say "correct" or "wrong". So:-


  Kenneth-266656 12:18 26 Feb 2006

I take it the question requires a simple yes or no for an answer - if so try this (I've used a stupid question as an example)

Question (In A1) Is Tower Bridge in London

Answer (In B1) yes

Exam Candidates answer (In C1) yes or no

In A1 type in question

In B1 type in answer

In D1 type in

Type in all the questions and answers and then fill down to complete the D column then select the B column and choose Format - Column - Hide

B column will now be hidden - when no answer is typed in C D will be blank. The answer must be yes or no to agree with column B

  Dobie 16:04 26 Feb 2006

Thanks guys, your solutions were great, it is working a treat, once again, thanks.

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