Excel rounding formula

  VNAM75 12:21 13 Feb 2006

I need a formula that rounds a value to the nearest whole number, not to zero decimal places. ie. 0.1 to 0.4 (round down), 0.5 to 0.9 (round up). I have for example: =F6*'Action2%'!$I$12 which gives me 154 to no decimal places. But Excel is summing that up to its true value so over a range of values I'm out by 1.

I want to incorporate it into =F6*'Action2%'!$I$12, so it might be something like = Round( )
with my formula sitting somewhere in the brackets.

Any help much appreciated..

  TonyV 13:29 13 Feb 2006

Just as an exercise, I put three numbers in a column, 1.256, 2.563 and 3.526 then applied the Formula =ROUND(SUM(K234:K236),)and the answer came up to 7. Then I added the three numbers along with the result of the Formula, 7, and got the answer 14.345, which means that Excel has added the whole number to the the other three numbers. Is that what you are looking for?



  beynac 13:36 13 Feb 2006

Try this: =ROUND(F6*'Action2%'!$I$12,0)
The zero after the comma is the number of decimal places. The result of this formula will be a whole number for any future calculations.

  VNAM75 14:27 13 Feb 2006

Brilliant. Thanks TonyV and beynac. The formulas work perfectly. When I now expand the decimal places I get 154.00000000 etc so I know I'm getting a whole number.

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