Excel Question for an Expert (VoG)

  J B 11:51 14 May 2006

I am very new to Excel and I need some help. I have downloaded two templates from M/S and although I would like to know how to save them for later use, they are not quite what I am looking for. I was wondering if I could make my own template. It would be in the form of one that the Telegraph Newspaper sends me to keep track of Fantasy Football and Cricket. I have an example of the scoresheet to use as a reference, but just need some knowledge on how to create my own template and save it. Is there any way that I can do this without to much hassle? I would appreciate any help that you can give. One other thing, how can I delete templates that I do not use? Thanks! J.B.

  VoG II 12:00 14 May 2006

To save as a template File > Save As and in the Save as Type box, click the arrow and select Template (*.xlt).

The default templates are stored in

c:\program files\microsoft office\templates\1033

and you can delete from there if you wish.

You can store your own templates anywhere but the above is where Excel will look for templates by default.

  VoG II 12:13 14 May 2006

Actually, a better place to store your template is

C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

  J B 13:58 14 May 2006

Thanks for that, Can I make my own template in Excel or do I have to use what Office or for that fact what M/S has to offer? J.B.

  VoG II 18:36 14 May 2006

You can make whatever you like, J B, and save it as you wish. Personally I don't use templates - I make a workbook and if I need to I save it as another name. There is a danger in this of course - you could accidentally Save instead of Save As.

I'm flattered that you think that I'm an Excel expert - well maybe I am but certainly not the only one here and there are some real gurus out there.

Incidentally, sorry for the delay. I'm now in Geneva but thank goodness for WiFi which happens to be free here - Hotel Sangitta if you would like a recommendation.

  J B 19:37 14 May 2006

Thanks, I might take the recommendation in the near future, however I think I goofed up! Believe it or not I saved an empty spreadsheet labled Book 1. Every time I try to delete the file the title is still left in the right of the window. How do I get rid of the title along with the saved book?

By the way enjoy your stay. J.B.

  GroupFC 22:22 14 May 2006

Excuse me butting in but - when you open Excel it will always open as a default a spreadsheet labelled book 1 (unless you have set it up to open an alternative workbook as default - which I suspect isn't the case here!). It isn't opening the one you saved in error, as that has been deleted!

If you then enter data and go file>save it will open a dialogue box labelled "Save As" and you then have the options of choosing a location, such as My Documents, and giving the workbook a meaningful name.

VoG™ is obviously out enjoying the delights of Geneva!


  J B 10:39 15 May 2006

Thanks for the information, will try it to see what happens. Will report back if I have any issues. J.B.

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