Excel question.

  starlet 06:27 13 Jul 2005

I am missing something in a formula I am trying to write if anyone can help please.
Lets say I have three teams of players and I want to show the “Winner”, and if so a “Draw” or “Blank” for the lowest after four games.
=IF(B8=$B10, "Winner","",IF($B$10=B8:D8,"DRAW","")) B8:C8:D8, is the total, B10 is the highest score, individually the two If statements work but together only the first works, can someone show me the way please.
Regards Starlet

  VoG II 09:11 13 Jul 2005

Sorry, I've read this 3 or 4 times and I don't quite understand the question. Try

=IF(B8=$B10, "Winner",IF($B$10=B8:D8,"DRAW",""))

  starlet 11:04 13 Jul 2005

Thanks VOG,your formula did not do what I want.
I'll try and write it a little clearer.

I am trying to built a nested formule to show three teams of players if one team out of the three has the highest score it shows "Winner" and the others show blank,that part I have done,what I want to show now is if two or more teams have the same score it shows "Draw" in the same cell as it showed "Winner".
This is just a test piece the final sheet will have sixteen players, this is for a visually impaired bowling team I am helping.
Regards Starlet

  VoG II 11:21 13 Jul 2005


  starlet 11:35 13 Jul 2005

Many thanks VOG, It works a treat your expertise in Excel is fantastic, I have a lot to learn yet.
Best regards Starlet

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