An Excel Question

  JayDay 09:50 18 Feb 2005

I have created a a large spreadsheet and would like the column headings to remain static whilst I scroll down and view the data. I hope this makes sense. I am getting frustrated at having to keep scrolling back up a hundred rows to find out what the column heading is!

I have seen this before so I know it can be done just can't work out how to do it.

  geeza 09:52 18 Feb 2005

click window on the menu bar and freeze panes

  geeza 10:05 18 Feb 2005

If you are happy with the answere please use the green tick

  The BB 10:05 18 Feb 2005

.. or Windows->Split and move the horizontal/vertical to give the split you want

  Graham ® 10:06 18 Feb 2005

As above, select the cell below and to the right of where you want the freeze.

  end 10:07 18 Feb 2005

vog may be around soon to give you his expert input if you are still stuck::)))

  brambles 10:10 18 Feb 2005

Geeza is quite correct but obviously you must be in the correct cell before freezing the panes.

If your headings e on Row 1 then put the cursor in 2A then, as Geeza says click on Windows in the title bar & freeze frames.


  JayDay 10:15 18 Feb 2005

Thanks everyone. Geeza's solution was exactly what I was looking for. Brambles thanks for the extra bit.

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