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  peug417 23:30 26 Apr 2004

HI Guys
i am in need of a simple formula to increment a cell content by the previous cell value +1.
I have done it in the past but have slept since then. Hope to resolve this before whisperer catches me in the forum again lol

  johnnyrocker 23:32 26 Apr 2004

does one not add a second cell with a greater number than the first and then click drag? or am i reading it wrong?


  peug417 23:36 26 Apr 2004

Thanks Johny but its a formuala im after something on the lines of =if(c8="","",c8+1)i think

  VoG II 23:37 26 Apr 2004

I may be missing something but if the value in A1 is 137 (for example) then in A2 enter the formula


If you want to populate a column with a set of increasing values then enter the first few. Hover the cursor over the bottom right of that range until the cursor changes to a +. Hold down the left mouse button and drag down.

  peug417 23:41 26 Apr 2004

I knew it was a simple solution, this formula works if my cell contains 137 howeve my cells are to contain D11409 +1 ETC, So it returns an #value result.

  VoG II 23:45 26 Apr 2004

In successive cells enter D11409, D11410, D11411 then proceed as above (cursor turns into + etc.).

  peug417 23:51 26 Apr 2004

Sorry unclear information given.
The sheet is used on a daily basis and the references change from day to day.
ie, Monday start D?????? and increases To D??????
the same template is used for the rest of the week with e8 containing d?????? to D??????

  VoG II 23:55 26 Apr 2004


  peug417 00:00 27 Apr 2004

Thanks very much Vog that is the solution and i am grateful for your help

  VoG II 00:03 27 Apr 2004

Just pray that Whisperer doesn't find this thread! LOL!

But he did, and as usual your advice is only limited by the ability of the OP to give the correct information to base your solutions on.

Best wishes

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