Excel problem

  osben 17:33 08 Sep 2006

Using Excel XP 2002

Simplified, I have a cash flow which I have set up with the top part for income and the bottom part for outgoings and at the bottom of them, I have two rows. One for the income and one for the outgoings.

In the first column say column "A" in the "income" total box, I put a totals formula in to total all the income for that column. I put another totals formula in the same for the outgoings column.

I then copied the formula across for both.

It obviously work but when I cut an ammount, say, from the income section of one of the columns, and past it outside the actual cash flow table, the total in the column does not alter. I have to click on the box to the left and drag the formula across to the one that has not altered to correct this.

Is this a glitch or is there something I have missed.

Hope the above explaination makes sense.


  iscanut 17:36 08 Sep 2006

Can you let us have a look at the formula you have used to total the column.

  Zak 19:28 08 Sep 2006


Use the AutoSum function or type the following formula:


This will then work correctly when you do your cut and paste.

I suspect that the formula you are using is:

= B3+B4+B5+B6+B7

When you move a cell value by cutting or dragging you are in fact retaining it in the formula:
e.g. B6 cut and paste to D14

= B3+B4+B5+D14+B7

The Sum function is purely restricted to the range of cells selected.

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