Excel Printing Problems

  aidan56 13:50 05 Apr 2012

Win 7 64 bit 4GB memory Excel 2007. When trying to print a single spreadsheet of the six contained within a 5.5 MB workbook my Fineprint application says it is trying to print 4,700 pages. Another separate workbook prints the spreadsheets within it properly. All my spreadsheets are no more than 4 pages. Where have all these extra pages come from it takes ages to load.

  lotvic 14:00 05 Apr 2012

Don't know, but as a workaround solution you could copy the six worksheet pages to a new workbook with a slightly different name and then delete the 'problem' workbook.

  aidan56 15:43 05 Apr 2012

Thank you lotvic.

I did try this sometime ago and it seemed to correct the problem. However it's back again now. Talking to someone he suggested that all individual cells in this spreadsheet are attempting to print individually as pages.

If this is the case any idea how I can convince this spreadsheet that the cells are part of it, and not thousands of separate spreadsheets!!

Looking at it there is nothing to indicate that there is a problem.

  Simsy 18:29 05 Apr 2012

Clutching at straws rather, but, as a simple workround, if the spreadsheet itself isn't too complex, and doesn't have macros, you could try downloading/installing either OpenOffice or LibreOffice, (virtually identical), and opening your worksheet in that...

Assuming that "fixes" the problem you could then re-save the file, as an .ods file.... the open the .ods file and re-save as .xls using Open or Libre, (whichever you've used), then reopen it again in Excel, to see if the problem has disapeared.

It might be that saving as a .ods will "strip out" the "error", which then wouldn't be present when you re-save as an .xls.

Of course this might not help at all, so apologies if it proves fruitless!

And, for safety's sake, I'd make a copy of the file before you do anything, in case something important gets lost in the conversion... but unless you've macros or complex formulae/named ranges I suspect you'll be OK.

Good luck!



  Simsy 18:33 05 Apr 2012

Also... I've just thought... does this only happen when you print to "FinePrint"? What happens if you print direct to your printer?



  Simsy 18:37 05 Apr 2012

And see the early posts in this thread; http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=398760

And this refers to a similar problem with Excel 2000... though the source of the problem may be similar, i.e. scaling. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/266114

I love Fineprint! I've bought it about 10 yeasr ago, and use it all the time... but I have known it to go bonkers occasionally, so the problem might be there!



  lotvic 18:40 05 Apr 2012

Sorry, it's got me stumped :(

  aidan56 21:24 06 Apr 2012

Very Many thanks lotvic and Simsy.

By the way I meant 47,000 pages not 4,700 big typo there! The whole default Excel worksheet is I believe about 1,048,575 rows or at least mine is when I press Ctrl-End, so I carried out some instructions I found on uk.answers.yahoo.com to remove one million rows below my spreadsheet working area that were not used, and that went OK. However Excel was still very very slow. Just highlighting the areas I wanted was painfully slow running at only about 2 rows per second and I had a few hundred rows. It also took ages to load into Fineprint.

FinePrint was working very well on all other spreadsheets and has given no trouble since I bought it.

I have now downloaded Open Office (thanks Simsy) and copied the areas I had used in Excel to an Open Office Spreadsheet. This worked perfectly with all required functions available. It opens very quickly and there is no problem with printing. Incidentally the whole workbook nows shows that it is only 1MB and not the 5.5MB shown in Excel.

I am very grateful to both of you for your speedy help and guidance.

Many thanks and best wishes.

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