Excel Pivot tables

  Ollyj 12:20 26 Mar 2003

hopefully this should be quite straight forward..... I have created a pivot table and am going to link it to another worksheet but I would like the pivot table to total up certain cells within the table it self. ie I have Jan to Dec running down and eight regions of England along the top. The data is of number of properties but I would like the table to show within that info the southeast total grouped together ie Surrey, Hants and Sussex. any help please, hope have explained that ok. One last thing I will refresh this data on a month by month basis so would like all the cells to stay visible and in same place therefore helping the linking.

  cherria 12:50 26 Mar 2003

The best way to do this is to add the grouping of regions to your raw data so, add a column next to region, calling it, lets say, segment and then put in next to each of the entries the relevant one so for all surrey, Hants and Sussex entries you add Southeast in that column. (If you have a large number of rows, you can do this quickly by creating a lookup table and using VLOOKUP to get the correct segment name.

Now add that column (segment) to your pivot table above region. The pivot table will now automatically give you a subtotal by segment.

post back if that's not clear or you can't get it to work or its not what you want.

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