Excel percentage calculation using office 2010

  Terry Brown 20:27 28 May 2013

I have a start figure (e.g 2000) and an end figure (e.g.2156). I know how to get a percentage increase (i.e. 2000*4%), but how do I do it so I can use the two figures (2000 + 2156 to give me the percentage difference.

These two numbers are just an example, but I need a formula to work out a list of similar sums, and as a check-sum reverse it to show the original figures (in case of data error)

Thanks for looking


  lotvic 22:57 28 May 2013

2000*7.8% = 156

2000 times 7.8 divide by 100 = 156

Q. 156 is what percent of 2000

A. 156 divide by 2000 is 0.078 and 0.078 times 100 = 7.8



  BRYNIT 22:58 28 May 2013

If you are trying to find out the percentage increase between 2000 and 2156

the calculation would be 2156/2000*100=107.8% increase


If 2000 was in A1 and 2156 was in A2 it would be


I hope this is what you are looking for.

  lotvic 23:01 28 May 2013

No, I think I went wrong, I'm a bit tired, wait for someone else :P

  lotvic 23:44 28 May 2013

I think BRYNIT is more tired than I am..

  Woolwell 12:45 29 May 2013

See Maths is fun

Formula =(2156-2100)/2100 and set number format as percentage. Should give 3%

  lotvic 14:16 29 May 2013

On re-reading, I think the question is not very clear, Terry can you give more details please:

"use two figures (2000 + 2156 to give me the percentage difference"

is percentage difference really what you want to know?

Percent Difference =SUM((2156-2000)/((2156+2000)/2))*100 answer is =7.5072 Percent Difference

Breakdown of calculations doing the bracket sums it comes out:

=SUM(156/(4156/2))*100 answer is =7.5072 Percent Difference

=SUM(156/2078)*100 answer is =7.5072 Percent Difference


  bumpkin 14:30 29 May 2013

Another way of looking at it if I understand the question correctly.

Take the difference between the two figures.

Divide by the original figure then multiply by 100 for percentage.

Ie. (156/2000)x100=7.8.

  lotvic 14:32 29 May 2013

I did it wrong way round if Q is: two figures 2000 and 2156, if so that would make a minus Percent Difference

=SUM((2000-2156)/((2000+2156)/2))*100 answer is =-7.5072 Percent Difference (note the minus sign)

  bumpkin 14:38 29 May 2013

Whoops, sorry Lotvic you said that yesterday 10.57pm I did not read it properly.

  lotvic 17:02 29 May 2013

bumpkin, no need for 'sorry' the more that post the merrier :)

I'm still not sure exactly which percent answer Terry is wanting - even tho' he said "percentage difference." I wonder if that is really what he means.

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