excel page number

  casper69 11:56 27 Jul 2006


On excel I need to label the page numbers but I want them to be in the middle of the page dead centre in big letters saying “page 1” and so i can type over it how can I do this.

  casper69 12:00 27 Jul 2006

kind of like a gray shadow

  Fellsider 12:27 27 Jul 2006

Print Preview
Custom footer
in Centre section type 'Page', space then click on the icon to the right of the font icon then click OK

  casper69 12:38 27 Jul 2006

how do i get it to go in the centre of the page right in the middle

  Fellsider 12:45 27 Jul 2006

You are entering it in the 'centre section' and it defaults to printing in the centre (or should do)

When you click OK it should show the 'Page n' on your screen.

  GroupFC 12:47 27 Jul 2006

When you say the centre of the page do you mean right in the centre (such as a watermark might be)? Otherwise Fellsider's suggestion will put it in the centre, but at the foot of the page.

What I think you are actually after is a watermark (such as "Draft" or "Private & Confidential", which might appear on a report, for example. As to how to do it - I'm not sure so just going to go and have a play around!

  VoG II 12:49 27 Jul 2006

click here but you will need to add the page numbers individually.

  GroupFC 12:54 27 Jul 2006

As usual VoG™ rides to the rescue - while I'm busy looking for the answer! Another one to have a look at click here#

  casper69 13:33 27 Jul 2006

thats what i needed a water mark but is there a way to create it and then type over it in one of the cells as its not letting me do this

  GroupFC 13:48 27 Jul 2006

I suspect not because from reading the links above what it has done has in effect put an "object" over the relevant cells. The fact that you can read the figures is because you have made the "object" i.e the word art, semi-transparent. However, this has the effect of blocking the cells.

Another option may be to set up the watermark in the printer properties, as most printer s/ware will have this option. However this may not be a feasible alternative if you want "Page N" as the watermark on the relevant page.

  Fellsider 14:18 27 Jul 2006

Sorry, I thought that the page number at the foot in the centre was what you wanted.

I cannot think of any way to do it as a watermark.

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