Excel not recognising dates

  peabody 16:20 23 Mar 2005

Dates input to Excel are being treated simply as a text string and not recognised as dates. Apparently, all was OK until recently (this is a friend's problem). Old spreadsheets suffer the same problem, so it seems to be a global problem.
Any ideas please?

  Rogerfredo 16:26 23 Mar 2005

The cells have to be formatted to accept dates rather than text or numbers. Goto Format/cells after selecting those that need to be dates.

  peabody 18:41 26 Mar 2005

... my friend says he has done this but the cell-level formatting is being ignored. It's as though a higher level setting is over-riding the cell formatting.

  VoG II 18:46 26 Mar 2005

In what format are these dates being entered?

Say he has a date in A1. What does the following formula entered into a different cell return?


  Noldi 18:48 27 Mar 2005

How are the dates entered / . , With forward slash Full stop or comer and where is the date sitting in the cell Left Right or Center. Are you copying these dates in from a different programe. A quick check is to double click the date and see if it changes postion in the cel. If the date is sitting left its not correcly entered. I have this problem inporting dates from SAP.

  peabody 20:42 27 Mar 2005

Thanks for all your responses. My pal has tried entering the dates with both / and . and gets the same problem. He has decided to re-install Excel and see if that sorts things out.

VoG - the istext(nn) test was new to me and I see what it does. However, my pal must have got a glazed look in his eyes when I started explaining this, to him technical approach and so I doubt if he will try it. But thanks all the same.

I'll close this thread on the assumption that his re-install will sort it.

Thanks again.

  Muckle 21:37 27 Mar 2005

Are formulas turned on? Go to tools, options, general and there should be no tick next to display formulas

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