"Excel MySQL Converter" anyone using succesfully?

  badgermansix 06:46 09 Apr 2006

Is anyone useing "Excel MySQL Converter" successfully?
The reason that I ask is that I have bought the full version because it worked fine for me on the test server that I have on my PC, using
"Convert to MySQL directly", but I am unable to
convert when using "Convert Excel To MySQL indirectly" to my website online.
I have not had a good response from the programme provider.

  Forum Editor 14:18 09 Apr 2006

to the software? I'm not familiar with it.

  badgermansix 17:27 09 Apr 2006

FE, thank you and here is the link. click here
the version that I have is v3.0

  Forum Editor 18:11 09 Apr 2006

this does look pretty good, but without trying it I can't say more than that, to be honest.

Do you not have direct access to MySQL on your hosting server?

  jgosden 19:02 09 Apr 2006

Nice --

The other way to go would be to export as a CSV from excel and you can then import this into a database.

Theres a PHP function that allows you to import this

click here

Alternatively you can use PHPmyadmin to import from a CSV into a table. You can see more about how to do this here.

click here

I however join FE in not being able to comment on the particular software your using -- Thats just how i would solve the problem -- Have fun!

  beynac 23:02 09 Apr 2006

I downloaded the related PhpMySQLDemo program. I installed it on my desktop and was unable to connect to my laptop, which I use as a test webserver (via a network cable). I tried both "local" and "remote" connection types and it would not connect to the MySQL database. I then installed it on my laptop and it connected with no problem at all.

So, "local" works and "remote" doesn't! That sounds exactly like the problem you're having. I'm not very well up in this side of things, but it looks as if we're missing something with either the "Remote Server" name or possibly the "Port" number.

The settings I had were:
Connection Type: Local / Remote ( I tried both on the desktop! Local worked on the laptop.)
Remote Server: localhost
User Name: valid username
Password: valid password
Port: 3306 (the default - I wouldn't know what to change it to, if this is wrong)

Personally, I'm not particularly worried as I only tried this program out of curiosity but hopefully this information will give some more knowledgeable people a clue to your problem. Are these similar to the settings you tried?

  beynac 07:31 10 Apr 2006

I've now managed to connect to the laptop from the main computer using the laptop's name as the server name (I had previously tried click here but not the name on its own). I don't know what to use to connect to my online website.

badgermansix: What settings are you using?

BTW - I've uninstalled the program. All it did was create some fairly simple php pages.

  badgermansix 17:34 10 Apr 2006

Very sorry for the long delay in coming back.

FE, thank you, I have indirect access to my hosting server.

jgosden. I am a newbie, and have very little experience about all of this, I will have a look at the PHP function that you provided, thank you.

beynac, the setting that I have used are the same that you tried, but your link would not open.

I bought Excell MySQL Converter, because as I said, I am a newbie and I want to convert excel pages to MySQl, this programme looked ideal.
Their after sales support seems to be lacking a bit though?

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